Easy to use OST to PST converter : EdbMails software Review


There are various parameters to consider while looking for an OST to PST converter on the market, including speed, ease-of-use, cost-effectiveness, how far you can trust and depend on the tool and so on. In each of these categories, the EdbMails program receives top marks. Unlike other programs, EdbMails offers a free trial version that can be used for as long as you like with no time limits. It’s a wonderful award-winning utility with a well-designed user interface that simplifies the entire process of converting OST files. We review EdbMails OST converter software in detail which is an excellent tool to convert an inaccessible and encrypted OST to a PST file.

Why is EdbMails the best option for converting OST to PST?

The free OST viewer application from EdbMails completely restores corrupted, orphaned, ransomware-infected, encrypted, and inaccessible OST files. This also allows you to recover and inspect the contents of an OST file, as well as convert individual mail items to HTML, EML, MHT, and PST formats. For OST to PST conversion, EdbMails does not require the use of Exchange server services or Active Directory connections. You don’t even need to be connected to the internet to recover and preview the OST file’s content because it’s done offline. You can install EdbMails Corporate Premium and Technical edition on an unlimited number of machines and use all of the software’s functionality, including direct import/migration of OST to Office 365 and live Exchange server. Keep reading to know more about this utility in the upcoming sections.

Overview of the EdbMails OST to PST converter’s features

In this section, let us look at some of the features that EdbMails tool has to offer before moving on to the actual recovery and conversion process.

  1. The contents of the OST can be saved as MHT, HTML, or EML files.
  2. You can simply preview all of the contents of an OST file, including Attachments, Mails, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, and so on, using the free OST viewer.
  3. Corrupted, damaged, disconnected, inaccessible, orphaned, encrypted OST files are completely recovered and converted to PST files.
  4. Supports the recovery of OST files from Exchange, Outlook, and IMAP accounts.
  5. The tool’s free edition allows you to convert 30 items from each OST folder to PST and move to Office 365 or live Exchange.
  6. Before converting an OST to PST, use the Target PST file split option to split a large PST file into several smaller portions.
  7. All versions of the Windows operating system, Exchange server, and Outlook are supported.
  8. Import the whole contents of the OST file into Office 365 or live Exchange. (Available in the Technical and Corporate Edition)
  9. Free customer service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a free tailored demo is available to know the product.

EdbMails user interface and working

EdbMails OST to PST converter is a basic and easy-to-use application that requires no technical knowledge to set up or utilize. It’s worth noting that the software takes you step by step through the process of converting an Outlook OST file to a PST file. It is easy to set up and requires no additional permissions or prerequisites (other than administrator access to your PC). To test the capabilities, I installed EdbMails Corporate Edition on my computer. The installation takes only a few minutes, and you’ll need about 20MB of free space on your computer.

OST to PST conversion steps using EdbMails

You can install the application on your computer by downloading it from the official website. The download and installation are both quick and easy to do.

If you want to check out all the features or only recover a corrupted or inaccessible OST file utilize the free trial version after installation else you can Login (using your licensed email address).

The interface offers you to choose from a variety of recovery and conversion options, including OST to PST, OST to Office 365, and OST to Exchange.

To recover the contents of an OST file, look for it, and once it’s found in the location, all of your mail items will be neatly displayed in a tree-view. I just scanned a 3.3 GB file and the contents were recovered in 3 seconds. In my perspective, it is far faster than any other tool.

The recovered items include Folders, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Tasks. The Deleted Items folder is also displayed separately under Recovered Items. You can export an email message to EML, HTML, or MHT format by selecting it and right-clicking on it. If you only want to retrieve individual mail items rather than the complete contents, this capability comes in handy. The app allows you to evaluate and export certain attachments.

You have three alternatives after the mail items are displayed, as illustrated below. Export to PST, Office 365 migration, and live Exchange migration. Any of the options listed above are available to you (Migration to Office 365 and Exchange is possible using the Corporate and Technical Edition). If you’re exporting to PST, make sure you have Microsoft Outlook installed so you can view the converted PST files. Importing OST to Office 365 or live Exchange, on the other hand, does not require Outlook. You have the option of highlighting individual items and exporting them to PST. Another interesting feature I discovered is that the software allows you to filter items by Subject, To, Cc, Attachments, Date, and other criteria, which is quite useful if you want to export mail data only between specific days, for example. I was also able to skip the exporting of the Junk and Custom folders. All of these features are included in the free version as well.

You can proceed with the PST conversion or Office 365/live Exchange migration processes after applying the filters, as these settings are shared by both. You can also select to split the target PST file into smaller portions rather than saving data as a single huge PST file, which can become corrupted. Begin the conversion by browsing to the location where the target PST file will be saved. To verify all of the things that have been converted from OST to PST, click on the Log Report in the application. It even tells you whether the conversion or migration was successful or not.

Pricing Plans and the Free Version

The Corporate or Technical Editions, which allow you to convert an infinite number of objects and install the software on numerous PCs, are available for purchase if you want to use the software’s full capability. Customer support and upgrades are included in both the free and licensed versions of the software.

Features of EdbMailsAvailable in the free trial versionCorporate Premium EditionTechnical Edition
  View the contents of the OST fileYesYesYes
Recover all of the contents of the OST fileYesYesYes
Selective mail items can be exported to MHT, EML, and HTML formats.YesYesYes
All versions of Exchange and Outlook are supported.YesYesYes
All versions of Windows are supported.YesYesYes
Convert the full OST file to an Outlook PST file.Supports 30 items per folderYesYes
Import OST files directly into Office 365 or into a live Exchange server.Supports 30 items per folderYesYes
Option to split PST filesYesYesYes
Filters to move mail items selectivelyYesYesYes
Attachments, emails, tasks, and contacts can all be converted to PST.YesYesYes
Direct import of public folders and shared mailboxesYesYesYes
Verification log report for converted or transferred itemsYesYesYes
  Installation of EdbMails software on an unlimited number of computersOne software trial version per computerYesYes
Installation at many locationsOne software trial version per computerNoYes
Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and software updates are free.YesYesYes
Validity of the licenseTotally free for lifeLicense for lifetime (Purchase once and use it forever)License for lifetime
Who is the application designed for?Any person that wishes to test out all of the features before purchasingCorporations, small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, and educational institutionsCompanies that deal with data recovery, computer repair, and maintenance.

Free Trial Version: EdbMails’ free OST to PST converter program lets you fully recover, preview, and export selected emails to EML, MHT, and HTML formats. You can also convert 30 items from each folder in an OST file to PST or immediately import 30 items from an OST file to Office 365 and live Exchange (without intermediate conversion or hops).

A Comparison Study: Taking other Factors

Comparison FactorEdbMailsOther OST to PST tools
Technical KnowledgeNot requiredRequired in some cases
OST to PST conversion processDirectIntermediate hops
Free utility to recover and view OST filesYesNo
 Free trial to test all of the licensed version’s features.Yes and does not expireTime limited free trial which expires
Pricing Plans and LicensesCustomized to different users and cost-effectiveSingle license plans for all users and expensive
Customer support serviceYes, Free available 24/7Paid customer support
Customer service during free trialYesOnly on product purchase
Trial Version durationFree for lifeTime limited
Cost-effectiveness (Cost vs features offered)Very goodPoor
Easy-to-use applicationYesNo
Activation and license keysNot requiredRequired
License plan swap and changeFlexible and easyDifficult

Final Thoughts

EdbMails is the best Outlook OST to PST tool that is worth employing if you want a stress-free approach to recover an OST file from any disaster or condition. An OST file of any size can be converted to a PST file with this utility. You can simply recover a complete OST file and export selected mail items to EML, MHT, and HTML formats with the tool’s free OST version. You can also export all mail items from an OST file to a PST file or directly import the contents to Office 365 or live Exchange with the Corporate Edition license. The Technical Edition of the software allows you to install it on numerous machines and in multiple locations, making it suitable for data recovery and maintenance businesses. It’s also safe, doesn’t cause downtime, and is a compact application for all recovery, conversion, and migration tasks.