Easy to follow steps for removing pet pee from your carpets and rugs

Pets are there in most homes. They are lovable and often share the facilities with you. So if you are having rugs indoors, then your pet is going to share them with you. But there can be times when even the well-trained pet may get messy.

This is more obvious if your pet is left alone indoors. They may pee on the rugs and carpets. If this happens, you may have to bear the strong essence of the pet pee for many days. It will also stain the rug. You have an option to look around for the best cleaning pet urine from rug options online. You will come across short tutorials that are explanatory videos.

You will also come across contents related to cleaning pet urine from the rug. These are done by expert rug cleaning services. There are simple steps that you can follow to treat pet urine from the rugs.

Dry well

The first thing to treat the urine is that you have to give it time to dry well on the rug itself. It may not be possible to treat the rug if the urine is still wet. It will also smell foul. In most cases, the smell is not easy to bear.

If you face this issue always ensure that you allow sufficient time for the urine to dry on the rug. To speed up the drying process, you can also use your towel to dry it. soak up excess urine using the towel.

Baking soda

Baking soda is always the best option for cleaning rugs. It will help in killing the smell and the stains. You can prepare a mix of baking soda in water. The mix can be spread out on the affected area. Allow the baking soda to dry out naturally before you wash the area.

Do not make use of poor quality baking soda. Always check the quality before using.


Vinegar is always very much helpful in treating stains and spots pet urine will always form stains on the rug. It has to be treated or else the stain will be visible. You can rub the rug using mild action vinegar. You can also mix the vinegar in water and prepare a mild solution.

This solution can be used on daily basis to clean the rug. But do not try and use the vinegar directly on the rug. It will soak away the moisture and the texture part from the rug.

It is also more effective to make use of hydrogen peroxide solution to treat pet pee. In any case, you just want to treat stains and bad pee odour. Never try and make use of toilet cleaners and detergent to clean the rug. They may not be friendly to the rugs.