Easy tips to bring warmth to your living room

The living room is a favourite place for every family member. Here they get together and chat about the past day or simply enjoy watching TV. To make the room as comfortable as possible, it should be properly designed. At the same time, attention should be paid to every detail, from timber windows to lighting. Contact the Chameleon-decorators company to help you create an interior you want.

1. Woodland motifs

Natural and easy motives are the best way for a living room. Use forest or animal prints on upholstering of your furniture or carpets. A great decision is to place small spruce branches or cones in vases.

If you have a fireplace in the living room, place a woodpile or fireplace set near the shutters. They will go well with other interior items, filling the room with the scent of natural wood. Remember to follow safety precautions and place the wood rack at a safe distance from the fire.

Parquet floors and solid wood furniture are often used for home decor. Such materials can also be used for glass units. It may seem that they don’t suit modern interior, but in fact, a wooden window fits perfectly into the interior of any house. If the installed windows get out of order, contact the team of professionals who will perform sash windows repair works.

2. Curtains update

To make the living room warmer and more comfortable, renew the curtains. During the cold season, it’s best to use thick curtains made of natural materials and lined to improve thermal insulation properties. Your sash windows should not let in drafts, but high-quality curtains will improve the thermal efficiency of your house. For the summer period, use transparent fabric.

Curtains can be made in warm colours:

  • red;
  • orange;

The lighting of a similar colour will complement the design of the room. Warm light from a table lamp or a candle will be a kind of decorative element and add comfort to the atmosphere.

An excellent solution is to choose the colour of the curtains to match the upholstered furniture. This decision will look very harmonious if you don’t plan to replace sofas and armchairs in the near future.

If you want to focus on windows, choose bright curtains with unusual prints. The interior may contain small accessories with a similar pattern, thanks to them your room will look even more unique.

3. Add extra throws and cushions

During the cold season, the only desire people have after a hard day at work is to wrap themselves in a warm blanket on their favourite couch in front of a TV. For a blanket to perfectly match your interior, choose one of neutral colours. Warm oranges will stand out well against furniture. Soft and warm blankets and several pillows used to decorate a leather sofa will look really good.

You can also place a wool rug right in front of the furniture. It will become not only a decorative but also a practical element because it will warm your feet. If you want to use this item to attract attention, choose bright materials and unusual patterns.



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