Easy tips for making your eyes look bigger with makeup

Imagine you have to go to the party and you are looking great. Also, your makeup looks great too but the only thing that is being the biggest obstacle in your look is your eyes. When your overall look is great but your eyes look dull, it seems like you are not asleep for days and came straight to the party with a little makeup.

Want a beautiful makeup look? Just like one of the most loved Instagram models Lauren Henry. Wanna know how you can make your eyes look bigger and beautiful even if you have dark circles? I can give you some knowledge about how you can make them attractive and seems bigger than usual.

Tricks for making your eyes look beautiful

Conceal your eyes

If you have dark circles, it makes your eyes look smaller. So, you have to cancel out the blue and purple under your eyes. And for that, you should apply a lighter shade concealer than your skin tone under the eye before applying foundation. Now for the perfect coverage, you should buff around the eyes. Boom! You are free of those dark circles.

Use a lash curler

It may seem like an extra step to some people but it gives you a wider area around your eyes. Most importantly make your eyes look bigger and also helps you look awake. Then after curling your lashes, use a good quality mascara to make them thick. Apply 2 coats of mascara and then see the magic.

Apply nude eyeshadows

Using nude or neutral colors on the crease help open up your eyes. You can apply soft brown or matte brown color to give an illusion of wide eyelids but don’t make it too prominent. You need to shade the color at the outer corners with the help of a fluffy brush. For the perfect finish apply color in small circles and blend it using a thin blending brush. It will help you control where you are settling the pigment.

Winged liner is a game-changer

Want bigger eyes? You need a winged liner! It helps to make your eyes bigger as well as beautiful. You need to draw a thicker line at the edges while on the inner side don’t make it too wide. However, you can also use the brown liner at the bottom to connect with the edges making your eyes seems bigger.

Use a highlighter

In the end, to finish the look you should use a strong highlighter on your brow bone and also use it on the bottom of your eyelids. This will help lift your eyes and enhance them more.