Easy Online Fundraiser Tips for Schools

Suggestions that can help your online sale succeed

Everyone’s searching for new ways to raise money as we navigate the pandemic. Since we must limit our face to face interaction, in person selling has become less practical.

So what’s the answer? Many schools that have been selling products are transitioning to an online fundraiser.

Many sponsors have been taking advantage of raising money online for years. And groups with less virtual selling experience are now having to adapt. Fortunately, the learning curve is not that steep. Plus, there are quite a few benefits as well. Here are a few:

  • Students can invite family and friends from across the nation to shop. This makes schools less dependent on local sales.
  • Orders ship directly to the customer. This eliminates the hassle of school deliveries and student pickup.
  • With online sales sponsors have access to instantaneous sales updates. Even students can track things like social sharing and sales.
  • Once customers reach a certain order level they receive free shipping.
  • If the group allows, they can incorporate a ‘ship to school’ option. If buyers don’t want to pay for shipping, their merchandise would instead ship to the group.
  • Students still receive prize credit for sales made online.
  • Schools profit off of each online sale.

How Online Fundraisers Works

There are 2 ways that schools can sell products online.

  1. Ask their students to register and share their unique link
  2. Promote a group link

Before you think that promoting your own group link is easier, there are a few downsides. Schools can promote their unique link using social media, email, and text. The question is, how do you motivate students to share it?

The key to driving sales online is when students share their own link with their family and friends. This is where registration comes into play.

Groups receive their own unique access code to provide to their students. Once students register online they can send out invitations to the people that they know. When people click on the link, they see the student’s name as well as that of the group. This personalizes the experience for the potential buyer.

What’s even better is that sponsor’s can track student sales. And this means that students receive credit towards winning prizes. This is what drives sales and boosts profits for the group. By asking your students to only promote your group’s link usually means that a few might, but most won’t.

The Key to Online Fundraising Success

Although technology has simplified selling online, there are hurdles to overcome as well. When you meet as a group there is a natural comradery. Virtual selling can seem impersonal and distant to students. Students are on their own.

And without follow up and accountability, participation can be a challenge. So sponsors need to work to overcome this through constant feedback and accountability. Sending out emails, texts, and even having periodic zoom meetings can help.

Groups are experiencing success selling cookie dough online. Here’s a small sampling of recent results that prove it:

Online Cookie Dough Sales Results:

  • Louisiana High School JROTC: $6,656.00
  • Alabama Middle School Band: $4,224.00
  • Massachusetts High School Class: $3,249.00
  • New Mexico High School Band: $2,948.00
  • Florida Middle School Choir: $2,934.00
  • New Jersey College Sorority: $2,774.00
  • Texas School Athletics Program: $1,862.00
  • Virginia High School Choir: $1,845.00

These are sponsors who’ve made communicating with their students a priority.Raising money has never been more challenging than it is today. But the key is to find fundraising ideas during covid that will work for everyone involved. When there’s a will there’s always a way to get it done.