Easy Money Making Crafts for Stay at Home Moms

Staying at home doing house chores, taking care of children, and more can be exhausting and time-consuming, just like a full-time job. That’s why many moms often dedicate their free time to certain hobbies and activities to relax.

However, some moms are more ambitious, and if they can profit from an activity they enjoy doing, it rapidly becomes a must. After all, unwinding after a long day and earning money from it is an unbeatable offer.

Best Profitable Hobbies for Stay-at-Home Moms

Earning money from activities that people enjoy can be a game-changer. These are some of the most profitable hobbies that can be done at home to gain some extra money:

Handmade Jewelry

One of the easiest money-making crafts for stay-at-home moms would be handmade jewelry, especially if they got a sense of fashion and design. So it’s better to come up with specific designs in case of deciding to start creating jewelry. This way, customers can know what to expect when buying.

Another great perk of working with jewelry is the possible outcomes: it can be done with almost anything. Only a steady hand and a good eye are needed. Many materials, such as metal, shells, wood, beads, wires, and more, are also easy to find.


Both knitting and crocheting are very similar activities that require a needle and yarn to create something. The main difference is that crocheting uses a crochet hook and knitting two big needles.

This is a trickier activity to work on because you must be careful to avoid any mistakes. However, their similarity makes it easy to practice both, especially to make hats, sweaters, potholders, and blankets that anyone can sell.

In addition, these crafts take more time than other activities, but the results are also often more appreciated by their customers.


This practice is an art that takes a lot of time, but it’s worth perfecting and very profitable if done correctly.

It’s known for being conformed of three parts or layers: top, bottom, and batting. The top is usually confirmed by pieces of fabric sewn together, forming a common pattern.

The batting is made of fibers tangled together, making the item warm and plushy. Similar materials to cotton and synthetic blends allow it to be squished and blended in different sizes.

The bottom or backing layer is usually the most solid, made with fabric. However, some artists use a second batting piece instead of the middle one to achieve a less solid final product.

When the three layers are finished separately, they’re quilted together through stitches in certain patterns so it doesn’t bunch up over time. After that, another layer that acts as a border is added to keep everything together.

Stuffed Pillows and Toys

Another simple but very effective way to earn money is by creating stuffed pillows and toys. Again, cutting fabric into specific pieces, sewing around the outside place, and stuffing it in are all needed.

There are many styles to cut the fabric, with imagination being the only limit. Adding little voice boxes or wires can also make a molded animal.

Home Decor Packs

While only partially handcrafted, creating different home decor packs can be a nice way to generate profit. Making bundles of soap, candles, shampoo, and other hygiene articles are in high demand and can be sold as gifts for certain occasions.

These bundles include different types of wax melts, hand towels, and even different skincare creams. As for the presentation, most of them include small wooded trays or boxes with the proper wrapping.

Cake Decoration

A cake not only needs to taste good but also look impressive. Unfortunately, customers have become increasingly demanding regarding the aspect of their cakes, and that’s why those who are starting need to learn what to do.

Many techniques are available to decorate. The most famous ones are buttercream flowers and fondant, which can achieve great results.

The best way to start learning is by creating a portfolio to take photos of finished cakes and offer them to close family and friends until they gain a reputation. After gaining some notoriety, moving to social media or websites could be an excellent option.


Handmade gift cards are extremely easy and quick to create, with many designs, decorations, and presentations available. The best part is that it can be done in less than an hour, which can fit perfectly into any free time at home.

This craft is recommended for artists who love handwork, drawing, coloring or even writing poetry. Finding the correct topic, style, and tone is the best way to start; giving yourself a theme will help people recognize your work.

Among the most used styles, blank cards, birthday and gift cards are the most requested ones. However, weddings and other special occasions use more customized and professional cards, which take more time to create.

Painting Mugs or Pots

Everyone loves having their personalized mug to drink tea, coffee, or a refreshing drink. Beautifully painted mugs and flower-decorated cupboards are some of the most creative ways to let your inner artist flow.

Along with mugs, pottery is another related handcraft activity many people can do. Making your pots with clay can cost less than buying blank cups and decoring them yourself.

Picture Frames

Used mostly for gifting, selling decorating picture frames can be a profitable hobby. It’s also very simple to perform, and the possibilities for customization are endless. Adding flowers, pieces of paper, and colored materials are some of the most used styles.

You can find and post many of these articles on pages like Etsy, meaning you could get an even bigger customer base without leaving your home!


Many earn money-making crafts for stay-at-home moms’ activities to choose from. Handmade crafted activities such as jewelry, decorations, gift cards, and mugs can give you time to relax at home while also representing an extra income for you!