Easy fixes for some common laptop repair problems

Those who are acknowledged about laptop problems are well aware that they are more difficult to handle than normal desktop or personal computers. As personal computer problems are just so easy to handle like a toy fixing but in case of laptop repair, they are more challenging than one could think. Once you get to know the problem area then it is slightly less hectic to repair the laptop in that case.

There are some common problems which can be happened to anyone’s laptop. To repair those common fixes one would know the guideline.


So it is obvious that we live in a world where anything can happen. Despite the fact that how gentle and careful we are, the bad thing may occur to our laptops or notebooks. This may be due to slipping from our hands or it will probably drop off. In such cases, most people think that the damage can only be repaired by the laptop repairer but you can think twice. There are many problems that are not that much expensive and easy to get fixed yourself. Using some common tools or spare parts can easily help in laptop repair.

Following are the common problem that can be repaired in laptops:

  1. AC Adopter Cord: As the laptop is a device which is being used on a daily basis. Making it plugged and unplugged is a common practice. This may result in damage to the battery charging cord. So it is important to fix it and replace the cord which is so easy to fix by anyone.
  2. Cracked Laptop Case: So it is obvious that a laptop or a notebook may get drop down or slip from your hands. In such a case, the first problem you can see is a damaged or cracked laptop case. Well, this is not a big issue to deal with. Just think deeply and you can easily repair your device by using epoxy putty. You can fill the cracked case by using epoxy putty which is easily available online or from any laptop repair.
  3. Bad fan of the Laptop: One important part is a fan of the laptop. If the fan is noisy and causing a lot of heat while using it, it may cause damage to it. Making the notebook overheat will result in damage to the electronic device. Well, it is so simple to repair it or maybe it can fix without repairing it. Just open the fan case area and check the blades which might be not working properly. It is difficult but not impossible.
  4. Scratchy Laptop Display: using a laptop for so long will easily damage the display. Most common thing is the scratches on it. Well, replacing the whole screen and the inverter of the device is not a good idea. As you can easily make it clean by using toothpaste. Yes, simple toothpaste can remove the scratches.

There are many more problems like fixing the damaged key on the keyboard or spills on the laptop screen. These tasks can be easily repaired without costing you much. One should first get to know the solution to the problem before spending a huge bucket of money on its repairing.