Easy And Healthy Ways Of Gaining Mass

Gaining mass or weight can be really difficult for some people, just the way it is difficult to lose weight for a few. A person with a body mass index less than 18.5 is usually considered as underweight. People with high metabolism rate usually tend to be skinny and are unable to gain weight. However,  if you follow a good diet plan and do regular exercise, then you can surely add some mass to your body and get the physique that you always dreamt about. We are here to share with you some tips and tricks that can help you to gain mass in a healthy way.

Let us get started:

  • Include more and more healthy calories in your diet. You should increase your protein and carbs intake. You can consume more pulses, milk, cheese, brown rice, meat, eggs etc in your diet.
  • You can also include whey proteins, mass gainers, etc in your diet plan. One of the best mass gainer supplements that work on Indian body type is Endura mass. The gainer supplements are loaded with protein, carbohydrates, dietary fibres and good fats, all these support gaining of mass. Along with micronutrients, these supplements are also loaded with various micronutrients which supports a healthy lifestyle by filling the nutritional gaps in your body.
  • Never starve your body or fill your stomach upto the brim, if you wish to gain mass. You should have 6 to 7 small meals instead of having a stomach full of food three times a day.
  • Never skip your training sessions. If you are looking forward to gaining some muscle mass then you have to do regular exercises along with having healthy food.
  • Do not drink water or fluid just before your meals, as this will suppress your appetite and you won’t be able to get the required amount of calories.
  • If you are a smoker, then say no to those cigarettes. Smoking doesn’t support weight gain as it lowers the metabolic rate of your body. Furthermore, smoking is injurious for your lungs and might cause several deadly problems so it is always good to avoid it.
  • You should avoid refined sugar and aerated drinks as these are unhealthy food items that will make you fat instead of making you gain healthy mass. You should also avoid junk food items like burger, fries, etc. These food items contain few amounts of good calories and therefore should strictly be avoided as it might cause heart problems, stomach infections and more such diseases. Instead, you should eat home-cooked meals made up of oats, wheat, etc.

Conclusion: Following a good diet plan and doing regular exercise is very good for anyone who wishes to be lean and healthy. However, you should get your body checked to know if you are suffering from any disease, which is hindering your weight gain journey. In such cases, make sure you consult your doctor and nutritionist before starting any diet plan or supplements. Stay healthy!

Amit Kumar

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