Easiest way to convert MP4 to MOV

All thanks to the advancement of the technology for gifting us with so many available gadgets. Because of the availability of gadgets, you can listen to music wherever you go, have a video conference, and a lot of other things. But, when you start experimenting with new things on your device, you might come across a lot of issues. Imagine, you have a file in the MP4 format, but your device supports files in MOV format, you need to convert the file from MP4 to MOV to store it in your device.

MOV is a file extension format compatible in both Windows and MAC users and is developed by Apple. It is used to store different media files including movies and video files. Let’s now discuss the difference between MP4 vs. MOV. 

MP4 vs. MOV

Details of Specifications MOV MP4
Used for Storage of media files Storage of video files
Type of MIME QuickTime or Video MP4 or Video
Developed by Apple Inc Moving Picture Experts Group
Description Proprietary media file format Universal format supported by a lot of devices

Well, now that you know the difference between the two file formats, consider the parameters to select the best converter. 

  • Different formatting style

While looking for the best video converter, check how many formatting styles it supports. The best MOV converter will support a lot of different formatting styles. Ensure that you are selecting one among them. It will help in saving a lot of space as you do not need to download different applications for different file formats.

  • Rate of conversion and quality parameter 

The best online MOV converter will have a higher rate of conversion. Along with a higher rate of conversion, the best online video converter can retain the quality of the videos as well. Selecting one of those converters is important as nobody would like to have a converter that provides bad quality videos. 

  • Easy to operate and batch processing

No one would like to use any software that needs an expert to operate. That is why; ensure that you are selecting a converter, which is easy to operate. That will be preferred by a lot of people, and also the conversion can also be completed within a few minutes. Along with easy operation, the top-rated online converter also provides batch processing which helps in reducing a lot of your work and time. 

By looking at the above parameters, you can say that Uniconverter is the best converter that satisfies the above conditions. Now, let’s take a look at the process of converting the MP4 file to MOV format.

How to convert MP4 to MOV format?

The process a user needs to follow while converting the files from MP4 to MOV format is communicated below. 

  1. First, the user needs to launch Wondershare Uniconverter and go to the home page. Look for the “Convert” button and click on it. 
Description: G:\Penning down\Tanaya Work\EMI project 17-04-2020\UC 13.jpg
  • After that, press the “Add file” button and proceed to the location to select the file you wish to convert. 
Description: G:\Penning down\Tanaya Work\EMI project 17-04-2020\UC 14.jpg
  • Go to “Convert all tasks to” and select on the “MOV” format to convert the file. 
Description: G:\Penning down\Tanaya Work\EMI project 17-04-2020\UC 15.jpg
  • Once you have selected the format, click on the “convert all” button so that the conversion of the file from MP4 to MOV can proceed. After the process gets completed, proceed to the “Download” option and save the file you have converted. 
Description: G:\Penning down\Tanaya Work\EMI project 17-04-2020\UC 16.jpg

Well, the steps will help you in converting the files from MP4 to MOV format. If you are a newcomer who is using the software for the first time, you do not need to worry. You will also get an instruction template when you open the website and the instructions are mentioned there itself. 

In the end!

MOV is a media container suitable for on-the-fly editing. It is quite a popular formatting style among the people. Uniconverter is available for free and the conversion will not charge a penny tor the conversion. With the high-speed conversion rate, Uniconverter also has multiple features like no specific file conversion limit, no specific time to use it, a safe application.

You can quickly visit the Wondershare Uniconverter website if you wish to know more about the application, and tips of conversion as well.