The Best Way to Easily Convert PDF to RTF

As one of the earliest formats developed in the 1980s, RTF has become a universally accepted format being widely used. The full name of RTF stands for Rich Text Format, which was firstly developed by Microsoft Corporation, and is used to encode word documents. With the help of RTF, people who don’t use Word also have a way to share Word files without losing any quality.


As a result, RTF becomes the most accepted format that most people, who don’t use Word, would like to convert their PDF files to. With the certain attribution and characteristics that the RTF file has, after getting the high-quality RTF file, people can edit and share the document more easily even without using Word. To convert PDF to RTF lossless, the only tool you need is EasePDF PDF to RTF Converter.


How to Convert PDF to RTF Easily?

In order to help people convert PDF files to RTF format easily and smoothly, EasePDF developed an online PDF to RTF converter offering high-quality conversion service. With this online tool, only with a few clicks then people can easily get their PDF converted to RTF, without any quality loss. Follow the guide to do it now:


Step 1. Go to EasePDF official website. On the navigation bar, click “All PDF Tools” and find “PDF to RTF” from a variety of PDF solutions.

Step 2. Hit the “Add File(s)” icon on PDF to RTF Converter for adding your PDF files immediately. If you have saved the files on GoogleDrive, DropBox, or OneDrive, EasePDF also allows you to add the PDF files from these platforms. If your PDF files stored online, get the URL that contains them and you can also add them to EasePDF PDF to RTF Converter here.

Step 3. When you upload the PDF files, EasePDF will directly convert them to RTF format automatically. Wait patiently and you will get the result soon.


Step 4. After your PDF files are successfully converted to RTF files (if more than one file), EasePDF will allow you to download them in a ZIP package. Just hit the “Download” button to get it. In addition, you can save the URL of the converted result and come back to download the file within 24 hours. EasePDF will keep it for you.

Features of EasePDF

EasePDF is selected as one of the best online platforms, which provides a sort of PDF solutions with high quality. The stable and quick performance brought by EasePDF makes many users trust in it. It also has the following features, which enable it to be more highlighted:


Easy to use and user-friendly UI design;

Quick PDF converting and downloading speed;

100% safe platform without ads and virus;

Simple to start without requiring account sign up;

Auto-deletion technology to keep your files private;

A 256-bit SSL Encryption makes sure higher safety.



It is not complicated to convert PDF to RTF at all, only if you choose the right PDF to RTF converter. Among so many choices in the market today, EasePDF is highly recommended and widely used by many people. This is not only because of its multifunctional services, but also a safe, fast, and user-friendly platform it provides. Therefore, if you need to convert PDF to RTF file, you should try EasePDF.