Dubai’s Top 10 Real Estate Companies for 2022

Dubai is quickly becoming into a huge economic and social powerhouse as a result of considerable technological advancements. The largest city in the UAE had a top real estate companies in Dubai rapid transformation from a vast desert to a tropical paradise and a cosmopolitan centre. Numerous individuals looking for homes and enterprises in the city have been drawn to the city by this growth. Many large international corporations are looking for a location to launch their operations, in addition to individuals.

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Property investing in Dubai (UAE) has become more straightforward than in other Middle Eastern nations thanks to some of the UAE’s main real estate developers. These Dubai real estate companies offer a wealth of knowledge and enticing discounts on homes all throughout the city. To assist you in connecting with and growing your properties in the city, we have compiled a list of the top 8 real estate companies in Dubai. Let’s get going:

1. Dubai’s Binayah Real Estate

2007 is the year of launch. Binayah Real Estate, a prominent provider of services, is situated in the centre of Dubai. They offer first-rate support with real estate purchases, sales, and rentals in addition to investment and development consulting. They also provide full-service management for both commercial and residential buildings. Their mission is to give every client the individualised care and knowledge they deserve.

They have been able to provide value to their notable clients by creating apartment blocks and other growth projects by branching into complementary company sectors. Binayah Real Estate is here to assist you every step of the way whether you are looking for your ideal house or the ideal investment.

2. FAM Properties

This real estate company, which was established in 2008, is currently among the biggest in Dubai. The group has investments in Abu Dhabi’s retail, interiors, media services, consulting, and five other property-related industries. Additionally, under his skillful direction, the organisation received a great deal of recognition and awards.

The company’s area of expertise in Dubai is serving owners, tenants, and investors. Emaar, DAMAC, and Dubai Properties, among other real estate developers in Dubai, have approved of and recognised fäm Properties. Customers can purchase and rent residential and commercial property from the organisation. It also offers property appraisal, real estate consulting, maintenance and repair services.

3. Improved Homes

One of the most well-known real estate developers in Dubai is Better Homes. It has numerous locations throughout the GCC and more than 500 multi-cultural employees. Throughout order to locate wonderful captivating businesses, the firm has also collaborated with a lot of real estate agents and significant projects in the Middle East. One such project, The Lakes, saw them collaborate as project managers with Emaar.

Better Homes are experts in commercial and residential listings, sales, and rentals, property handling & management, and services for off-plan purchases. The company also offers free property appraisals, property finance, and conveyance services to both people and corporations. They run five offices in Dubai in addition to its main one in Business Bay.


4. D&B Dubai Real Estate

In the realm of off-plan investing, D&B Real Estate is a well-known brand. They are based in Dubai and are known throughout the world for offering cutting-edge and fascinating new construction projects that present its clientele with alluring investment opportunities. Its goal is to be known as the foremost authority on off-plan investments, and it takes great satisfaction in its unmatched performance, outcomes, and reputation. They provide a wide range of services, including citizenship, off-plan investments, rent, sales, and vacation properties. D&B Real Estate is the ideal partner whether you want to invest in your future or take advantage of everything Dubai has to offer.

5. Haus & Haus

This property and real estate development company was established in 2013 by three British nationals. Haus & Haus was formed by its founders, who have a combined 20 years of experience in real estate development in the UK and the UAE. Numerous honours and distinctions have been bestowed upon Haus & Haus, including the Highly Commendable Letting Agency in Dubai and the Highly Honorable Real Estate Agency in Dubai. The Gold Trusted Service Award was given to the business as well.

Haus & Haus specialises in offering efficient lease, sales, property management, and valuation services to people and businesses. The company specialises on residential properties, and customers can list their properties for sale luxury property in dubai or rent on the company’s official website. In Dubai, they can also help with land acquisition.

6.Driven Properties

Another well-known property seller and developer in Dubai is Driven Properties, which was founded in 2012. Abdullah Al Ajaji, the MD of Driven Properties, was a highly skilled professional before founding the company. He had previously worked and invested with a number of prominent corporate and investment companies throughout Saudi Arabia, including Saudi Aramco, SAMBA Bank, and Merchant Bridge. Abdullah Al Ajaji was given the 2016 Leading Brokerage Owner Award. As well as receiving other awards, the company was named Dubai’s Leading and Most Popular Brokerage Service and Bayut Agency of the Month.

In addition to real estate, Driven Properties also offers services for property management, investment, short-term rentals, and mortgage advising. Additionally, they provide their consumers free property evaluations. The company, which is among the top 100 construction companies in the UAE, focuses on off-the-plan, constructed retail, residential, and commercial developments in Dubai.

7.Tanami Properties in Dubai

Tanami Properties provides a special chance to own a piece of Dubai, one of the most sought-after cities in the world to reside. Our team of skilled professionals will assist you in finding the ideal home to meet your needs. Their opulent apartments and villas are located in some of Dubai’s most sought-after neighbourhoods. They can assist you in finding the ideal match, whether you’re looking for a rental property or a place to call home. They are certain to have something that fits your needs among their large selection of homes. To learn more about the available properties, get in touch with them right away. They anticipate hearing from you shortly.

8. Allsopp and Allsopp

After being founded in 2008, Allsopp & Allsopp is a well-known real estate broker in the UAE. The organisation is multicultural, with employees and directors with backgrounds in both English and Arabic. It comes in first place for real estate sales, transfers, and agreements.

The company has received various awards and recognitions, including the best real estate agency in Dubai and the most distinguished lettings agency award. Allsopp & Allsopp received silver status in 2015 from the government-run Dubai Land Development. The business was ranked among the Top 100 Middle Eastern companies by Forbes. is also among the Top 5 Middle Eastern real estate brokerages, giving it visibility abroad.


With the aid of a real estate company, living in Dubai makes your job simpler. So, among the top ten Dubai companies given above, pick the finest. like Dubai’s Binayah Real Estate. Their property managers are extremely competent and knowledgeable about all little and large units in the market. For professional advice on any form of property sale or rent, you must therefore get in touch with their management. Post any more details or questions in the comments area.