Dubai Travel Guide: 10 Expert Tips for an Unforgettable Trip

Dubai is one of the world’s greatest cities and the jewel of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has steadily transformed into one of the biggest global financial and business markets along with being a magnet for innumerable foreign tourists every year.

Dubai has also earned a reputation for hosting major events and for its shopping, entertainment, nightlife, and dining circuits. If you are also looking to visit Dubai anytime soon, then you should keep a few tips in mind for a memorable trip.

Dubai Travel Tips- What You Should Remember

Here are some of the most important tips that you should keep in mind before visiting Dubai:

  1. Find suitable accommodation-

Dubai offers various accommodation options for travellers. You can check out serviced apartments in Dubai for your stay. These units come in varying configurations to suit the needs of solo travellers, couples, and both smaller and larger groups.

At the same time, you should opt for a furnished apartment in Dubai, since it will save you a lot of hassles if you are staying for a considerable duration. These apartments come with all the necessary fixtures and fittings along with well-equipped kitchens, amenities, and a lot more. They are not only pocket-friendly, but also offer higher privacy and space as compared to conventional hospitality accommodation.

 You can save more on dining out by cooking meals regularly. You can have guests over whenever you wish, while getting services and support round-the-clock. Internet connectivity and flat-screen televisions take care of your work and entertainment needs with aplomb. You will find serviced apartments in several parts of Dubai, which are well connected to major public transportation options like metro stations, corporate and business hubs, and famous tourist landmarks. Book your apartments well before your visit to avoid any last-minute hassles.

  • When should you visit Dubai?

When it comes to planning your travel itinerary and booking flights and serviced apartments in Dubai, which is the best time to do so? You should keep the weather conditions in mind before you finalise your trip. You can visit in the winter season (November to March) when the weather stays dry and pleasant. This period is ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities in Dubai.

The summer season is hot and witnesses scorching temperatures, which is avoidable in most cases. However, even if you have to visit during this time, remember that most malls, offices, apartments, and other destinations have comfortable air conditioning. At the same time, there is some respite from the heat in the evenings. The first half of March and the period between mid-November and early-December are ideal if you want to bypass huge crowds. The period between December and mid-February is the peak season due to the Dubai Shopping Festival, New Year, and many other events.

  • What should you pack for Dubai?

You may have booked your flights and found a good furnished apartment in Dubai. However, what should you pack for your stay in the Emirate? Here are some points worth noting in this regard.

  • Wearing modest and covered clothing is recommended in Dubai. Avoid revealing and tight-fitting clothing.
  • You should carry comfortable, loose, and light clothes, taking the heat into consideration.
  • Make sure you have good walking shoes and sandals.
  • You should check for the list of prescription medicines banned for travellers so that you do not end up unknowingly flouting the law.
  • Always pack your sunglasses, hat, and generous amounts of sunscreen.
  • Carry wipes and toilet paper along with basic toiletries.
  • You should also carry appropriate swimwear/beachwear along with a few dry snacks for those sudden hunger pangs.
  • Manage currency and documentation smartly

Citizens of many countries can easily get Dubai visas although you should apply at least one month before your trip to avoid last-minute delays or issues. Carry your travel documents with your passport and identity proof. You should have an international driving license if you wish to rent a car during your trip.

Dubai’s currency is the Dirham or AED. You can convert your home currency into Dirhams before going. Even if you do not, carry some Dirhams at least for basic expenses at the airport. You can convert currency at the airport and even the shopping malls. International credit and debit cards are accepted in several places, while you can withdraw money in Dirhams at ATMs too (watch out for the charges). You should keep your original documents in the locker in your hotel and carry the photocopies while travelling.

  • Prepare for a seamless arrival

Dubai has one of the world’s most popular international airports. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • The airport has huge volumes of travellers, including those on connecting flights to several global destinations.
  • You should know that there are three main international arrival terminals. Once you are done with immigration, baggage reclaim, and inbound security screening, you should find transportation to take you to your hotel.
  • There are limits on the amount of alcohol and tobacco that you can carry into the Emirate. This will be examined at customs.
  • You may buy an NOL travel smart card from the airport to access all three options for reaching the city centre or your hotel in Dubai.
  • You can also travel via the Dubai Metro which has stations near most leading hotels and runs at intervals of four minutes. Only two luggage pieces per person are however allowed on the metro. Costs of tickets may hover between AED 4-8.5.
  • There are buses that you can take from the airport although they take a lot more time.
  • The Airport taxis are quick and comfortable ways to enter the city with flat base rates of around AED 25. At the same time, AED 1.96 is charged for every kilometre thereafter.
  • List down your local transportation options

For in-city commutes, hiring cabs/taxis are good options. You should always have the addresses and city maps of your chosen destinations. You can also rent a car if you have the requisite license. Do not break the speed limits and adhere to the traffic rules. Make a list of bus routes and stations near your hotel along with the metro stations nearby. They are good ways to commute to various places.

  • Shop to your heart’s content

If you are visiting Dubai, shopping must be high on your agenda. You should know that global brands are not always tax-free in the Emirate. Hence, they may cost more at times. Karama is a good destination to purchase gifts and souvenirs at reasonable rates. The best deals are usually available during the Dubai Shopping Festival in January or the Dubai Summer Surprise event in July.

The Dubai Gold Souk is a good place to buy gold, but you should compare prices at multiple stores and then bargain for the best rates. Remember that credit card payments come with additional charges. If you want to buy electronic products at lower rates, then you should visit during the GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition).

  • Follow the basic social norms of Dubai

While Dubai welcomes everyone, there are a few rules and regulations that you should keep in mind. These include the following:

  • Female travellers should not shake hands with locals, unless men offer to shake hands first.
  • You should dress modestly, covering your knees and shoulders, especially in the malls and other public places.
  • Dress suitably for visits to major religious landmarks.
  • Sleeveless clothes and shorts are acceptable in dune bashing zones and some other tourist areas. Swimwear is only acceptable in the pool and the beach.
  • Do not wear revealing or tight-fitting clothes and take off footwear before entering any local house or mosque.
  • You should always use your right hand to receive and give food, money, and other items.
  • Never photograph the locals without their consent.
  • Public displays of affection are avoidable in Dubai, including holding hands and hugging.
  • Learn a few Arabic phrases to communicate better

Learning some basic Arabic words and phrases will help you communicate better with the locals. These include the following:

  • Min Fadlak– Please
  • Marhaba– Hello
  • Shukrun– Thank You
  • Na’am– Yes
  • Afwan– Sorry/Excuse Me
  • La’– No
  1. Do not miss Dubai’s vibrant dining and nightlife circuit

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most famous and acclaimed restaurants, along with leading nightlife destinations. Find numerous lounges, bars, pubs, and other joints to spend your evenings. 21 years is officially the minimum age for alcohol purchases in Dubai, although some places may not permit entry to those less than 25 years of age. Most nightclubs close their shutters at 3 AM.

You will also find dinner cruises where you can view the amazing vistas along the Dubai Marina, while enjoying the choicest food and beverages. Street food in Dubai is also pocket-friendly and delicious. You will find several options that are worth trying here. The city also hosts many food festivals throughout the year. If you chance upon one soon, then it could be a great time to plan your visit.

A trip to Dubai will give you an opportunity to savour the Emirate’s jaw-dropping landmarks and architectural marvels. You will also be able to witness the best in global dining and nightlife here, along with participating in fabulous shopping and entertainment experiences.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind while planning your trip. Make sure you find and book serviced apartments in Dubaiin advance for a memorable stay in the city. You should also book your flight tickets in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. Here’s to a wonderful journey ahead

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