Dubai Commercial License – Important Documents for the Application of Trading in Dubai

A Dubai Trade License is a kind of official document that is required by the foreign trade authorities of Dubai and all other foreign trading firms wishing to start trading in the emirate. The document is also referred to as the license of registration of a commercial entity. This document proves that the applicant has received the necessary authorization from the government of Dubai to conduct business in the emirate. It also shows that the commercial entity has obtained the necessary approval from the competent authority for conducting business in Dubai.

The documents required for the application of a trade license in Dubai are the original papers of incorporation of the company or entity applying for the registration. These include Articles of Association as well as the Commercial Registry. Other documents that are required for the application include the duly certified copies of bank statements and other important bank documents. These documents are to be attached along with the application forms. These documents can be collected from the Commercial Registry office in Dubai after getting your Dubai license.

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The main purpose of collecting these documents is to ensure that there is no doubt about the ownership of the company or entity when the time comes to apply for the Dubai trade license. The documents that are required for the application of a Dubai franchise are also referred to as the Dubai franchise. These documents include the original copy of the grant deed of the property that is owned by the foreign commercial entity. Along with this you also need the duly certified copies of the ownership papers of the property that is owned by the local sponsor.

If you are planning to visit Dubai then you have to keep one important fact in mind that you are required to present your original documents for visa on arrival. This applies to all the commercial activities conducted by you at any of the Dubai mainland airports including any stopover like a hotel, shopping complex or a marina. However, if you happen to travel to the Dubai mainland by air then you are not required to present your original documents for visa on arrival.

The process of acquiring a dubai trade license is relatively simple. You have to submit an application to the concerned authorities of the concerned industry of your choice. This is done via the Dubai National Trade and Development Authority (DNTDA). After careful scrutiny of your business activity the Dubai Trade and Development Authority (DADCA) will issue you the Dubai commercial license.


There are many reasons that make Dubai the most appropriate place for establishing a new business setup. For one thing, the law of the emirate is very accommodating to small entrepreneurs. It does not matter whether you have established your business for one day or for a year or more. The government is ready to extend a helping hand to help you achieve your goals. The key is to establish your business properly so that you can reap benefits in the future.

When you apply for a Dubai trade license application, you have to follow the rules and regulations precisely. It is very important for you to provide the right documents for the emirate. Your business establishment card is the first document that you should send to the Dubai authorities for their knowledge regarding your business.

The next step is to send the tenancy agreement to the concerned authority. This is needed if you intend to employ any local or foreign workers. If you have no such agreement then you may invite the authorities to check with the relevant national labor authorities. The rental income license is another document that you need to submit with your Dubai commercial license application so that the authorities can verify your source of income and the amount that you can spend on advertising your product or service.