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Different people have their own choice who like to choose their product according to their need and warm. If we talk about headphones, most people like to select the right head pair in which they feel comfortable listening to music according to their taste. The market trend has changed and new technology has been launched with some extra features and qualities.  

There are so many wired headphones available in the market and it is difficult to decide for customer when select. When you are purchasing it the main factor you have to focus on is price, brand, style, etc. Moreover, it will also depend on your budget criteria. In this article, we will list some Dual Wired Headphones that might sure you will get detailed knowledge related to your requirement. So don’t forget to read this article. 


There are furthermore categories, when we are purchasing new headsets then the question arises in our mind whether we chose wired or wireless headphones but you purchase only those which will be suitable and comfortable for us. 

Although, if you want to get the most out of your purchases, you may have thought of a pair of headphones that have both a wired and wireless option. Because it offers more functionality than just one item and dual wire having a mic gives you the best experience for playing games on your PC.  

Our suggested dual wired or wireless headphones are as given:  

Jabra Elite 85h  

Jabra is available in dual wired and wireless headphones with extra features and will be considered more effective and comfortable. It has better style, longer battery life, impressive voice canceling, and some more advanced attributes. This extra attribute makes it convenient for every user.  

Let’s look at some of its characteristics: 

  • It will be suitable, convenient to wear, and have a lustrous appearance. They have broad, deep cups that suit most ears comfortably. 
  • Many headphone brands frequently give their customers a wide range of color choices, Jabra Elite is available in 4 different colors. The price will be different for a different color. 
  • Jabra also gives the facilities to cancel the outside noise and also proof against light rain and dust. 

Philips PHo5 

Philips will be more comfortable for you and you can use it anywhere without concern about its battery life. Whether you are using it in the office, during the journey, or anywhere you don’t need to be disappointed with it. It has a strong sound system, good sound, and a luxurious style.  

Let’s look at some of its characteristics: 

  • The material used for manufacturing Philips is no doubt good as compared to other premium brand headsets. The earpads and the inner side of the headband are covered in plush faux leather. 
  • It ranges from a speaker near about 40mm and gives a fast response of 7Hertze to 40khertze which will consider best. 
  • Despite the inexpensive cost and variety of functions, the overall sound quality is rather great. 

Bose 700

Bose can cancel the vast noise of your music or call sound and through the Bose 700, you may adjust the noise level so that you only catch the outdoor sounds that are important to you. It will prove beneficial for you in case during a phone call because it can adjust by modifying it in 11 levels.

Let’s look at some of its characteristics:

  • Due to their design, Bose 700 is easily fit and comfortable, and also the noise quality is so perfect that when you are walking on the road Your voice is entirely isolated, but you can hear the noise-canceling in action.
  • It designs in a way that can easily handle due to its slim build and least styling and does not create too much burden on your connected headband padding. 


The use of Headphones is an important part of especially those people who are busy with their work. They can easily use it during their working timeline and enjoy music etc. So, it is a bit difficult to choose the right headset but you don’t need to worry about it. We have shortlisted some dual-wired headphones which will consider the best. So, it’s all up to you to choose it. 


What does mean Dual mode headphone? 

It can offer multiple task devices, especially for android users. It’s a Bluetooth concept headset with earbuds or an inbuilt speaker for sound output. 

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