DTH Services In The UK: Understanding The Pros & Cons!

Before understanding the pros and cons of DTH services in the UK, we need to understand what DTH is and its architecture. 

DTH is the abbreviated form of Direct-To-Home. It is a digital satellite service and, with a personal dish, provides TV services for viewing at home. DTH has a better quality of sound and pictures than Cable services. In contrast, the local cable operators provide TV services being carried through the cables. 

DTH includes enhanced features such as video conferencing, internet access, 3D TV, HDTV (High Definition TV), social media networking, streaming of TV content, and email. Like TV, DTH has the options for rewinding, recording, and pausing

Component of DTH Technology!

  1. Dish Antenna is a parabolic reflector that receives the signal and reflects the same to LNBF
  2. LNBF or Loe Noise Block Down Convertor Feedhorn is a small metal horn put on the Dish is known as Feedhorn. By collecting the signal from the Dish, it amplifies the bouncing signals and filters out the noise (no-program signals)
  3. Coaxial Cable is the cable which connects Set-Top box and the mini Dish
  4. DTH Set Top Box: It decodes the encrypted transmission data and converts them to audio-visual signals.


The DTH includes satellite, broadcasting centre, modulator, multiplexer, encoder, and DTH receiver

  • The satellite used in DTH is Geo-stationary> It has a much larger line of sight in the Sky and transmits signals to the DTH Antenna.
  • Broadcasting Centre is where the programs beam a broadcast signal to satellites in geostationary orbits. It is then posted to the ground
  • Multiplexer transmits the channels of many channels in one channel
  • Modulator imposes a carrier signal of high strength
  • The encoder encodes the signals for transmitting the signals
  • DTH Receiver decodes the encrypted password. 

In the UK, Sky is the only company that provides DTH services. It is the largest pay-TV broadcaster in the UK. It has 12.7 million customers as of the end of 2019. The flagship products are Sky Q and Sky Glass. Its flagship channels are Sky arts, Sky Showcase and Sky Atlantic. It was formed in 1990 by Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting merger. 

The Pros!

  1. The economy of Scale: It has grown into a major media company and owns all TV broadcasting rights for the Premier League and almost all domestic rights of Hollywood films. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Comcast-owned Sky Group. The Sky studio is located in Isle worth.
  2. Cable-Less: Being a satellite service, we can get television services direct at our home, which may be situated anywhere in the country, the area of operation of the DTH company. There is no need for a cable connection. You are not compelled to watch what the cable operator streams but choose yourself from the menu of channels. 
  3. Clarity of Picture Quality: At the same time, the quality of pictures and sound is high as they are digital and do not interfere with anything. The resolution of the image is fantastic and there is no audio-video distortion. Moreover, you don’t strain your eyes.
  4. Own Package: The DTH Company makes various packages that include different channels. This is according to price and the media. It works on single-channel and subscribers. The subscriber is not required to purchase new TV with more channels. Channels can be changed through the set-up box of the DTH service. The DTH in the UK provides other interactive services such as news, stock market, cooking, market information, knowledge and entertainment, and many more.
  5. Ease of Payment: You can make payment of the service charges through net banking, credit card, or voucher recharge. You are communicated in advance of the due date of payment.
  6. Most miniature Service Breakdown: Your DTH is always at your service with a minor service breakdown. It never tires and never betrays. In the case of the cable operator, even a power cutoff will cause your TV to go out of operation.
  7. Movies at the Cheapest Price: DTH in the UK has features like “Movies on Demand”. You can subscribe to the same and can watch 
  8. In September 2020, Sky arts became the first premium Sky channel to offer the latest and your favourite movies at a low price.
  9. Free-to-Air Services: Free-to-Air Service On free to air terrestrial complimentary view service 
  10. On 7 October 2021, Sky declared the introduction of an all-in-one TV set called Sky Glass. It supports the streaming of Sky TV over WiFi. It eliminates the need for a satellite dish or box. On 18 October 2021, it launched the sizes of 43-inch, 65-inch, and 55-inch 
  11. Sky Go provides free services for Sky (satellite Tv) subscribers and permits them to watch channels live through the internet connection on a computer or mobile device.
  12. Sky offers superfast broadband Sky fibre by adopting a new technology known as ADSL+2 and fibre optic. This technique is provided by Open reach. The Sky+box, known as the Sky Dig box having different slogans, allows viewers to pause and reschedule programs to make records in the future period.
  13. Sustainability: Sky UK believes that better business creates a better world. Therefore, they push themselves in achieving the highest standards of responsibility and sustainability. They use their voice in making a difference and campaigning for positive change on more significant issues of the present time.

So they work on the UN Sustainable Developments Goals to find the best ways to listen to their people, assess the risk, and identify the opportunities. Through their parent company, Comcast, they respond to investors and shareholders.

The Cons!

  • In December 2010, the parliament of the UK heard a claim that subscription to Sky was often damaging to the welfare of the recipients, along with tobacco, alcohol, and gambling.
  • Initial Cost: The initial costs are higher in the UK.
  • Periodical Charges: You get the speed promised with a money-back guarantee and a fantastic value of £28 a month for 18 months.