Drunk Driving Repeat Offenders: What to Do if You’re Hit

Drunk driving repeat offenders are considered careless drivers because the police have warned them about their dangerous driving behaviors, but they continue to repeat the offense. The fact that one in every three accidents happening in the United States is caused by drunk driving is a clear indication of the situation’s severity. Intoxicated drivers are impaired drivers. As such, they cannot use sound judgment while on the road.

You need to be careful while driving on the road. Always to be ready to undertake a defensive driving technique to avoid collisions from drunk drivers. Any driver who has used cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, or prescription drugs will likely be impaired and cause an accident. If you spot a drunk driver, you can incorporate some essential techniques to avoid an accident. Some of these techniques include:

  • Report a drunk driver immediately
  • Stay out of the way to avoid an accident
  • Notify other motorists on the road
  • Stay far behind if moving in the same direction

What to Do if You’re Hit

Incorporating all the above measures to avoid an accident does not mean that you’ll be safe. A drunk driver can drive erratically, thereby causing a severe accident. If you’re hit, there are some essential strategies you can incorporate to remain safe and follow the legal process as you recover.

Call the Police

Before the offender runs away from the scene, make sure you contact the police immediately. Most of the traffic law enforcers are always on the road, and may arrive at the scene of the accident in a matter of minutes.

Having police officers at the scene is essential as they will collect all the necessary information to determine who caused the accident and whether it could have been prevented. Law enforcement will also help ensure that the drunk driver has been tested for blood alcohol content to evaluate their level of intoxication.

Approach Witnesses

To build a strong case against the offender, you need to contact eyewitnesses who saw the accident happen. You can take their personal information because you may need them later in court. Inform them of the importance of their statements to your ability to build a strong case.

You should also take pictures at the scene. These images should capture all damages to both cars and the surrounding area. Pictures may aid in determining who is at fault for the accident. If you have any injuries as a result of the crash, be sure to photograph those as well.

Seek Medical Care

The general advice is to always seek medical help immediately after a car accident to prevent aggravating injuries. Your health is essential, and you need to seek emergency services to stop any bleeding, check for fractures, or access life support systems if you’re severely injured. Even if you think you’re not hurt and don’t feel any pain, you still need to see a doctor. There could be internal injuries that you’ve not yet realized.

While at the medical facility, your doctor does not only need to treat and release you after treatment. He must write a comprehensive certified medical report detailing all your injuries and the cost you’ll incur until you have recovered. Your lawyer will use these medical and financial documents to file a suit for compensation purposes.

Why You Need Your Lawyer

Reaching out to your lawyer is an important step that you cannot forget. It is the responsibility of your injury lawyer to help you handle the case professionally while seeking the compensation that you deserve. Make sure your lawyer has all the necessary details to give him an edge in the court. Some of the payment you should expect includes:

  • Punitive damages
  • Future pain and suffering damages
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income

Being hit by a drunk driver can be a scary experience that leaves you with lasting pain and trauma. Using these steps will help guide you through the process of recovery.

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