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The technological advancements today have changed and greatly improved the way things are done. The introduction of drones in photography and videography has shaped the filming industry positively. A drone is a device that is used for taking still aerial shots in photography and videography.

There are various types of drones in the market that one can choose from. Recently, film and photography enthusiasts have shown a great interest in quadcopter drones. These drones come in different styles and trends and can be used for fun, adventure, or even professional and industrial filming.

Depending on your intended use for your drone, you will be required to choose the appropriate size, shape, and specification of the drone when purchasing one. Big drones are tailored for professional applications, while the smaller ones are meant for fun and adventure.

Finding a good drone at a reasonable price range can be quite a hustle. However, Drone Max V2 has made it more comfortable. This quadcopter flying device comes at impressively cheaper prices and awesome qualities.

When I purchased the Drone Max V2 for the first time, my biggest concern was whether I would get value for my money. Ranging from its lightweight to the small stature and low price, I was deeply concerned about its performance.

Several years down the line since the purchase, the Drone Max V2 has proved to be the little beast it is claimed to be. Be sure to read my full unbiased Drone Max V2 reviews before deciding on whether to purchase it or not.

What Is Drone Max V2?

The Drone Max V2 is a lightweight quadcopter drone that is perfectly crafted for amateurs, veteran and expert photographers, and filmmakers. The device enables you to capture aerial view images and videos perfectly. Its excellent cameras capture mind-blowing pictures and videos for you.

The drone’s lightweight feature is specifically meant to enable it to maneuver in the air with ease. The one-touch controller that controls its movement makes moving it around such an easy task. The Drone Max V2 is arguably the best for beginners as the controls are relatively straightforward. It is an easier task for a beginner to learn how to fly the Drone Max V2 around than other drones. You don’t need to have had experience flying drones before comfortably operating the Drone Max V2.

The drone’s design and model stand out and will attract you while shopping in a drone store. It comes in a sleek and elegant look that makes it quite classy above other drones in the same price range. The Drone Max V2 has a standard feature called the board-gyro that holds the altitude and boosts its stability when it’s in action.

This unique feature gives it a special kick in the market. The drone’s boosted stability enables the operator to perform mid-air, turning stunts and maneuvers while at it having great fun as he is not afraid of the drone tumbling down on his face.

The Drone Max V2ne may not suit the professional and industrial field that requires heavy and long-term filming, but it is the best for domestic applications. It boasts of a 12-megapixel camera that records videos at 4Ks. Social media enthusiasts love this drone for its ability to capture cool aerial view shots and videos for their timelines and personal blogs. When fully charged, the Drone Max V2 guarantees a flight time of at least 15 minutes before recharging the battery.

The drone’s flight time is quite impressive compared to its competitors in the same price range that last a maximum of 15 minutes before tumbling down to the ground. The Drone Max V2 also boasts of mad technical specifications that outshine its competitors by far. Comparing the Drone Max V2 with other brands within the same price range is definitely the best drone under A$150.

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Technical Specifications Of  Drone Max V2

As earlier mentioned, the Drone Max V2 has mad technical features that make it unique. I will highlight and discuss some of the diversified functionalities that the Drone Max V2 offers, and that will definitely prove that it is the best drone for photography in the market.

CAMERA – Drone Max V2 Reviews

The Drone Max V2 has a medium level camera. It may not be as good as other cameras in other expensive drones in the market, but it is the best in its range. It comes with an impressive decent camera that captures adorable shots. Equipped with a FOV of 120, the 4K camera is capable of taking videos from a wide range of angles. The angle range is adjustable from 0 to 90 for perfect aerial shooting.

The camera has a reasonable frame rate and color balance that enables you to capture vivid videos in different scenes. The camera also has a 12-megapixel sensor that boosts the quality of the pictures and videos taken. The gyroscope and altitude hold feature increases the drone’s stability minimizing distortions to the camera while in operation. This feature is quite useful as the drone does not have a gimbal for stabilizing the images and videos.

The Drone Max V2 boasts an FPV feature that enables you to stream live videos and images into your phone while the drone is still in operation on the air. More impressive, the drone’s camera has a panoramic mode that allows you to take 360 degrees photos with just a single click. The 1200 wide-angle allowance enables you to take wide-angle photos and videos. However, you should avoid shooting from scenes with excess turbulence when using the Drone Max V2, as the videos might turn out to be jittery. This is simply because the camera is fixed and does not adjust to vibration levels.

PORTABILITY – Drone Max V2 Reviews

The Drone Max V2 is impressively lightweight and portable. It is easily folded up to fit in a minimal space, and thus you can carry it around without much struggle. This is unlike other bigger drones that take up significant space and are stressful to move around with.

The beautiful and unique feature about this drone is that it is very light on weight, and therefore it won’t be an extra load if you got other stuff to carry around. The Drone Max V2 has foldable joints and makes it very small to be conveniently carried around. The propeller blades are easily detachable to make the drone easy to pack in its backpack while taking up very little space.

This makes it the best drone for travel. Apart from its noticeably super portability, the drone has a unique operation feature that makes it very comfortable for the first time and inexperienced users, known as the headless mode. It provides the user with the same front regardless of the camera position. This makes it easier for the user to operate it comfortably when he is new to the device, unlike other brands that change fronts with a change in the camera position.


The Drone Max V2 is equipped with two LED flashlights that are fixed next to the camera. The lights enable the drone to shoot in dark scenes or at night. The lights are also positioned in a way that you can have enough vision of the drone during night shoots, and it does not get lost.

More impressively, you can control the drone using your phone by tilting it back and forth or sideways, thanks to the gravity sensors installed on the Drone Max V2. These control tricks make you get first-class piloting experience, leaving you feeling like a certified commercial flight pilot.

BATTERY LIFE – Drone Max V2 Reviews

The battery life and the subsequent flight time of the Drone Max V2 are quite impressive. Compared to other bigger and more expensive drones, the flight time is shorter; it is the best in its range. The Drone Max V2 battery guarantees a long hang time on the air for you to accomplish all your filming requirements and needs.

The battery has a flight time of about 15 minutes, which literally may not seem to be a lot of time. However basing on the price of the drone, it is worth it. The Drone Max V2 outshines its competing brands in the same price range as their flight time, in most cases, is 8 minutes or less. The Drone Max V2 is equipped with a fast-charging system that enables you to recharge the battery in a short time and get back to filming. The approximate full charge duration is 70 minutes, unlike other brands that take hours to charge to full capacity.

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DRONE STABILITY – Drone Max V2 Reviews

The stability of a drone is an important feature you should consider while purchasing one. Most drones have inferior stability in the air and are easily swirled by the wind while in operation. This leads to low quality and distorted shots. Drones with poor stability also make the operator lose control of the drone in most cases.

The Drone Max V2 is equipped with more advanced stabilization features that make it the best drone for photography. The drone’s increased and controlled stability gives it power to withstand harsh conditions like strong winds enabling it to stay in position.

This stability guarantees perfect shots even in unfair conditions as the drone maintains its ideal course. The stability also makes it very easy to operate as you don’t need to have extra flying skills to control it during harsh conditions, unlike other similar drones. Using the altitude hold mode on the drone, you can keep it at a constant height for your shooting.

DURABILITY – Drone Max V2 Reviews

The Drone Max V2 is made up of a durable and tough case to make last long. Its folding propellers are made of a robust and sturdy construction that enables them not to break when it crashes into obstacles. The exterior casing is made from an impressively resilient material that prevents damages during clashes with hard objects.

It is quite common to encounter flying objects like birds up in the air while flying a drone, and that you could easily hit and crash the device. It is a normal thing to lose control of your drone. In most scenarios, crashing a drone while it is up in the air gets its tumbling down to the ground, and the possibility of it getting damaged is always high.

The unique feature of the Drone Max V2 to fold the propellers prevents them from breaking when it comes into contact with the ground surface on a high impact. The gravity sensors installed on the drone also help avoid the drone’s crashing with other objects in the air.


Most drones in the market have complicated control systems and remote controllers that make them very difficult to operate. In most cases, these require expert pilots or pre-training before you can fly the device. The Drone Max V2 comes with an integrated control option and a simple system that makes it easy to operate and control even when you are new to the device. The drone’s package includes a remote controller with controls and which you use to run the drone.

Alternatively, you can install the drone app on your smartphone and control it using the phone. The remote controller comes with a phone holder where you attach your phone and receive a live feed from the drone app as it continues shooting. Flying the drone on your phone is more advantageous as you are in more control even when it goes out of sight.

The drone system has an FPV feeder that sends a signal on your phone on where it is flying over. However, it would be easier and more comfortable to use the remote controller when you want to perform certain stunts and twists on open spaces or negotiate sharp corners. The remote controller allows you to have more maneuverability on the drone.

The controller is made in a sleek and modern design that employs the latest innovations. It also has a single-stroke button for both take-off and landing, making it relatively easy to control and friendly to new users who have less or no experience.


The most dreaded thing in drone piloting is neither the drone size and color nor the flight time but rather losing connection to the drone while it is in the air. In most cases, losing connection to the drone gets it tumbling down, and depending on the surface it lands on, it could easily shatter into pieces.

The Drone Max V2 has an intelligent landing control system that has safety fail features to avoid accidents. This makes it an exception among different drones in its range. The drone detects when it loses its connection with the remote controller and automatically slows down during landing. This gives you enough time to reconnect the remote controller for a safe landing.

When it comes to taking off and landing, many pilots are afraid of breaking the flying gear, as in most drones, it is a very challenging skill. However, with the Drone Max V2, you will have to worry less as the take-off and landing process is made relatively easy by the simple interface remote control. The single keystroke for both landing and take-off is a unique feature in this drone.

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THE Drone Max V2 IN WORK

The Drone Max V2 is tailored to high functionality and usability. It is well suited for light works on photography and filming. It boasts of a sleek design and a tough and durable casing that boosts its durability. However, the Drone Max V2 has a short flight time compared to other bigger drones. A fully charged battery lasts you about 15 minutes in the air.

That could be enough time for you or shorter, depending on the nature of filming you are undertaking. However, the Drone Max V2 performs way better than other drones in its price range. The drone’s battery is 500 MAh that fast charges to full capacity in an hour and lasts fifteen minutes of still filming.

It would be best to carry with you extra batteries when filming for a longer duration so that an empty battery does not spoil the fun. The gyroscope function and altitude hold feature enable the Drone Max V2 to stay stable in harsh conditions making it very suitable for specific climatic conditions. The drone stability ensures minimal or no distortion in the videos and photos and that they are vivid and clear. The drone utilizes its 4K camera to capture high definition videos and pictures that are appealing to watch.


The Drone Max V2 comes with a bunch of benefits you get when using it. To start with, this drone is the perfect choice for someone who likes traveling and capturing adventurous shots due to its small size and portability. The films, may they be for personal blog pages or social media timelines, the Drone Max V2 is a must-have. Apart from the portability, the drone, utilizing the 4K camera and 12-megapixel sensor, provides breathtaking and high definition photos and videos.

Beginner professional bloggers could use this drone for starters, as it captures scenic shots that are enjoyable to watch. The Drone Max V2 has a simple control system that makes it easy to be operated by anyone. The extra feature of flying it using your phone gives operators with zero experience a plus as you have to tilt the phone back and forth to control the drone. The drone can also be used outdoors or indoors, meaning that you can practice flying the drone from home before taking it out to the open space.

The Drone Max V2’s advanced stabilization features make it more stable, and thus quality shooting is guaranteed even in adverse weather conditions like a strong wind. Moreover, the one-touch landing and take-off maneuver ensures a comfortable operation in lifting it off the ground and landing it back safely.

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I went through various customer reviews on this product in 2021. From my findings, the Drone Max V2 is the most favorite drone among many photography enthusiasts. Most of them voted it as the best drone under $100 in its range. Others considered it the best choice for first-timers in the filming industry due to its simple operation interface.

The Drone Max V2 battery was the only turn off for most reviewers as they complained about the short flight time and the annoying frequent charging. Apart from the battery, everything seemed to be working out well, as many people were happy with its incredible performance and sleek design. Others applauded it for its advanced stability in adverse weather and super clean shots even in turbulent conditions.

Here Are Some Of Real Drone Max V2 Customer Reports/Reviews:

“Whether you’re a complete beginner or a more experienced flier who needs it for business and media, the Drone Max V2 is an incredible piece of technology that can take your videos to a whole new level.” – James P. | Sydney

“Drones are getting more advanced and dropping in price as time goes by. But they’re still not cheap by any means. To get a drone with a high-quality camera that creates stunning aerial photos and video like this at this price is almost unheard of. This is one of the best drones on the market and great value.” – Bob C. | Hobart

“I feel like I’m going to use this for everything. I’ve had it less than a week and I’ve already captured my daughter riding her bike without training wheels for the first time, found a ball she launched onto the roof a few weeks ago, and helped my boss film some promotional video for the company. Haven’t crashed it yet!” – Jillian R. | Brisbane

“This weekend we took it on the boat and got really great footage of everyone skiing and riding the raft! I can’t wait to see it on the family video during the holidays!” – Rodney H. | Melbourne

“I love taking this thing to the beach at sunrise and sunset. It really does give you a bird’s eye view of the entire ocean. You really see it from their perspective. When it’s far enough out over the water all the people look little dots walking along water. The lights reflects off the water crystal clear. The 4k is really cool.” – Dale B. | Canberra

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When you purchase the Drone Max V2, it comes with other accessories in the box. The full package comprises the drone, a kit with four backup propellers, a storage bag, and a screwdriver for drone parts’ detachment and installation. It also comes with a USB cable for charging the drone and batteries.

Pricing Of Drone Max V2 – Cost

Please Note: Drone Max V2 Is Not Available On Amazon, Walmart, Or Any Other Retail Stores, It’s Only Available On the Seller’s Official Website. (Drone Max V2 Amazon)

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Drone Max V2 can be bought from the official website. The prices and discounts are as followed:

The Drone Max V2 is available for A$139, which is a discount compared to the original price of A$199. This package is marked as a Great Deal, and customers will save 34% on their order.

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Conclusion – Drone Max V2 Reviews

The Drone Max V2 is a super low budget device you can utilize to upgrade your filming and photography skills. Whether a beginner or an expert, this is the right drone for you as it doesn’t require much technical knowledge to manipulate.

Apart from the sleek design, commendable stability, and an impressive high definition camera, the Drone Max V2 is very cheap to purchase and maintain. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is enthusiastic about photography and filming.

Faq’s – Drone Max V2 Review

How to purchase the Drone Max V2?

For the best bargain, visit the official manufacturer’s sales website and place your order.

How long does it last?

The drone is very durable. It is made with resilient materials that make it last longer.

How is its weight?

The Drone Max V2 is lightweight and highly portable. It weighs around 360 grams.

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