Dressing Up At Home with Dress Hire

Before the working-at-home-in-your-PJs thing goes too far, I would like to introduce dress hire by Melbourne based company Style Theory. In times of quarantine it can feel ludicrous to buy a special dress, but when sweatpants and pyjama bottoms begin to feel slovenly, and you start to reminisce about dressing up again, you know it’s time to try something new.¬†

Dress hire is a clever solution when you don’t really “need” a new dress but certainly “want” a new dress to get you out of bed and back to looking your best. While dressing up in lockdown may feel frivolous, it has been long established that the way we dress affects our mood and how we think about ourselves, in a concept called “enclothed cognition”.¬†

Just as experiments have demonstrated that wearing the lab coat increases focus in doctors, choosing clothing based on their symbolic and positive meanings can have a beneficial effect on our mood and sense of self. Think of clothing as like signposts for who we are and what we want to achieve and you’re on your way to understanding the science. While in two week quarantine, I noticed a positive difference between the days I stayed in my sweats versus the days I got properly dressed. Being better put together made me feel better about myself and my situation.¬†

But sometimes you don’t need to actually buy a piece o clothing to get properly dressed. If you are in a certain mood and want to dress up for it, you can¬†dress rent in Melbourne¬†and be the best version of yourself.

Even if the reality was mostly aesthetic, I got through more emails and tasks on my better dressed days. Environmental and budget friendly dress hire empowers consumers to dress their best when they can no longer justify buying momentary fashion pieces at full retail price. 

The key to “enclothed cognition” is still dressing within your preferred styles and colours, and that’s why Zimmermann dress hire appeals to me the most. Like most Australian millennials, I associate Zimmermann dresses with effortless femininity and luxurious embroidery that is both sweet and bright enough to uplift my lockdown blues.¬†

Style Theory’s Zimmermann Corsair Iris Playsuit is a bold red playsuit dress in ruffled silk georgette and a muted flower pattern. Cute and playful, this easy to wear playsuit dress is my top pick for Zoom parties. Equally bright and light-hearted is Style Theory’s Zimmermann Golden Surfer Dress decorated in bright yellow and green floral patterns. Featuring off the shoulder long sleeves, an exposed bodice and tiered skirt, this effervescent dress is my choice for elevating family dinner. Lastly, for work video calls and pushing through work emails, the flowing crepe de chine Zimmermann Strapless Flounce Dress is an elegant midi length dress with a flounced boned bodice and front split detail on the skirt. It’s peachy pink hue would go well under a light cardigan for an office style, or strapless with heels for after work quarantinis.