Dress Code: What to Wear during Any Occasion

Why is it essential to dress stylishly?

Everyone wants to look the best for any occasion. When you go out, you want people to notice you and want all eyes on you. Dressing up well makes people look at you more, but you also give out the perception of you being a confident and stylish person with lots of personalities. There are lots of options to choose from formals or casuals which will help you to stand out. There are some traditional clothes like Sarees and Salwar Kameez that are always popular. Some retailers give the best silk sarees with a price which is affordable.

What can I wear for various occasions?

Your wardrobe is a collection of many varieties of clothes. This diversity is specifically there to ensure that you don’t wear your PJ’s to your friend’s reception or your soft silk sarees online for a hike. While there are many obvious ways to dress up for an occasion, a little confusion always exists for some. So we have compiled a comprehensive guideline for you to follow to make sure that you get the spotlight if you know what I mean.

Casual Clothes.

A hangout with friends, a casual lunch or dinner requires you to wear clothes with that everyday appeal. But be wary that you don’t want to look overly sloppy or plain lazy. If you’re choosing to go western, dress your jeans in a laid back tee or polo and pair it with some matching bag and shoes. Sweats if, paired with semi-formal accessories, can lift off that sloppy feel to a considerable degree.

But if you’re aiming for a more classic look, Sarees have a way to make you look eternal. There are many good online retails that offer complete information on both pure silk saree price and plain silk sarees with price, that you can choose from.

When at home.

Home time calls for the types of clothes that you feel the most comfortable in. They can range from your comfy Kurta Pajamas to Shalwar Kameez. And the best part is, you can even answer the doorbell in these without any embarrassment, or go for a casual walk in the park. Home clothes should be the ones that help you curl up in the comfiest way possible in your warm bed with a book and depend entirely on you.

Wedding fashion.

The extravagance of colours and hue at an Indian wedding is talked about the world over. So you need to check those silk sarees with price to make a statement at the next wedding you attend. The Indian wedding is no casual affair, and you cannot expect to go without that extra gold lace and accept to be a part of it. It’s all about that shimmer and sparkle that will make the event alive.

Lehangas and Gharasras are also very popular for such formal occasions. You can experiment with all sorts of radiant and contrasting colours for the next wedding. But the rule is to make it as shimmery and bright as possible.

Professional affair.

After the wedding’s glitz and glamour, you need that professional look for the next day at work. Primary colours like those blacks, whites, and greys work best. Suits, business casuals, and tight fit skirts also work to give you that professional aura and confidence that you need at your workplace. You can even mix that Indo-Western looks for your office. While many workplaces have strict guidelines to stick to, you can always personalize it with your style.

Don’t forget those accessories.

While the clothes help you get that basic look, it is incomplete without matching bags, shoes, and accessories. But always remember to keep it minimal, unless you’re going to a wedding. One rule that will change your dressing game is to match that bag with those shoes, be it for any occasion. Matching means looking at those patterns and colours and ensuring they fit best into your outfit.

Heels always bring that sophistication that makes you look eternal. But choose the comfiest and professional for your office, and you are allowed to go bonkers with those weddings.


Dressing up is not just about looking good, but it also portrays the person’s personality. While there are many styles and looks, you need to choose what suits you and your body best. While you need to address the event, you need to keep in perspective the styles that will make you stand out. While there are many trends one can follow, you need to blend them with your style and comfort. Happy dressing!