Drag Drop Videos 2 Review 2022 -⚠️Real or Fake⚠️

Welcome to my Drag Drop Videos 2 review!

Creating videos is never an easy task as it demands time, skills, and knowledge. There are basically 2 steps in the process of creating a marketing video. One is producing video content. The other is editing it to resonate with your marketing objectives. And as we already know, we have to get involved in tons of moving parts and learning curves to overcome this process.

You should be not only rich in creativity, but also good at using fancy equipment and tools. You also need to come up with a professional design and layout, compose different elements, choose the color scheme, and add transitions so that your videos are visually attractive.

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Do all of these sound frustrating to you?

How about getting access to readymade video content that you can simply drag & drop to customize to your taste? Meaning you don’t have to buy/record any video footage, and skip all the tiring, time-consuming editing parts?

Drag Drop Videos 2 is a quick & effective solution to having videos on demand. Especially if you are not a techie, or you don’t want to pay deep pockets delegating the jobs to freelancers, you should check it out!

What Is “Drag Drop Videos 2”?

Drag Drop Videos 2 keeps up its good work from the first release, with the core idea to help anyone to create After Effects quality videos only by dragging and dropping a few files, by copying and pasting the provided text into placeholders.

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In the brand-new second version, more up-to-date content and templates are added so that you can produce videos aligned with different content marketing objectives. The templates are meant to be “Drag & Drop” easy to use. They were created with video editing “newbies” in mind. So, you will no longer pay through your nose for expensive tools like After Effects.

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Drag Drop Videos 2 Review – Dig Into The Features

Pre-Made Templates To Create Any Type Of Video, For Any Niche & Topic

Each type of video utilizes different elements and assets. For example, you need 3D characters for animated videos, doodle-style art for Sketch videos, or a real person for Talking Head videos.

With access to Drag Drop Videos 2, you can stop struggling to find the resources for each video style. You have all templates to create videos that serve a marketing purpose:

Sales Videos

Valentine’s Day Videos

3D Animations

Motion Tracked Mockups

3D Cinematic Titles

Video Intros

Sketch Videos

Golden Text Videos

Futuristic Videos

Particle FX Videos

3D Video Displays

And the list goes on and on:

  • Pre-Keyed People Scenes
  • Animated 3D Character Videos
  • Viral Meme Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Store Promo Videos
  • Clean Photo Slideshow
  • Glitch Slideshow
  • Corporate Videos
  • 2.5D Parallax
  • Device Mockups
  • Urban Videos
  • Cinematic Photos Slideshow
  • Fancy Logo Reveals
  • Simple & Clean Logo Reveals
  • Social Animations
  • Birthday Videos
  • Cinematic Trailers
  • Text Essentials

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Easy Customization

  • Fully Control Text

You can use any fonts installed on your system, change colors, change text size, and letter spacing, and move and position text where you want


  • Fully Control Colors

Adjust the color of the background and elements like borders, shapes, text, etc. to fit your brand.


  • Insert Your Own Images / Videos

Mix and match with your own creativity for unlimited video ideas in any niche.


  • Add Your Own Music / Audio

Add whatever music, sound effects, or voiceovers you want to the templates. With unlimited audio tracks, you can even add a voice-over on top of a music track, with sound effects added on top.


  • Alpha Transparency

You can put them on top of any image or video. You can even layer different elements on top of each other.


  • Drag & Drop Elements However You Want

Position text where ever you want, position images where ever you want, and move anything you want anywhere on the screen. Create your own unique layouts.

Drag-Drop-Videos 2-Feature-2-Drag-And-Drop

  • Combine Elements From Different Templates

You have the chance to combine multiple text animations, 3D animation, live videos, transitions, etc.; however, you want to resonate with your liking. The possibilities are endless.

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The templates were created for a video editor called Hitfilm, which is by far the best free video editor app with no watermarks or annoying limitations. You just drag your content into clearly marked placeholders, and type in your own text, then hit render. If you want to edit the templates further, that will take a bit more effort. And there are video tutorials that show how to do all this.

If you prefer to use another video editor, you can take just the assets (3D animations, graphics, images, etc..) and import them into your video editor. Most of them come in either MP4 or PNG formats, which most video editors are compatible with.

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Price & Upgrade Details

Drag Drop Videos 2 Main Package

You can own these magical templates & assets at the cost of $49, with the Developer License included.

Wondering whether it is a wise decision to purchase this package? If I were you, I would immediately pick up Drag Drop Videos 2. It just goes beyond my expectation to serve my personal video marketing projects. I can quickly create video ads to run product promotions in December, the peak time for online shopping. It also makes it possible for me to build my own coaching channel with Explainer videos.

Thanks to its great number of video templates, with ultimate flexibility and customization, you can try different styles of videos, for different purposes, but with the only aim of advertising your products/services more effectively!

On top of that, take advantage of these huge resources and create side hustle money with the video creation service. Just check the freelancing job search sites and see the huge demand for this service. Drag Drop Videos 2 enables you to get started straight away!

Please keep in mind that the special deal for Drag Drop Videos 2 doesn’t last forever. As a matter of fact, the price is rising every day and will only continue to go up until the end of the launch. So if you’re truly serious about taking your video marketing to the next level, do yourself a favor and claim your discount now while you still can.

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Drag Drop Videos 2 Review – The Upgrades

Drag Drop Videos 2 Bundle ($297)

Get the core product with all of its upgrades for a low one-time price. Say goodbye to all the recurring fees. The bundle includes:

  • FE product: $49
  • Upgrade 1: Deluxe ($67)
  • Upgrade 2: Video Addons ($47)
  • Upgrade 3: Assets Bundle ($67)
  • Upgrade 4: Motion Graphics Bundle ($47)
  • Upgrade 5: Product Bundle ($77)
  • Get $50 off the bundle with this coupon: dragbundle
  • Exclusive Bonuses

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Now, let’s go into the details of each upgrade:

Upgrade 1: Deluxe Templates ($67)

  • Unlock new video types in tons of different styles:

Unlock additional video types not available in the main product like restaurant menus, 3D scene displays, cinematic trailers, photos slideshow, and a lot more. With more video types at your disposal, you’ll have new ways to impress your audience.

Get DOUBLE the templates in your account:

With more templates, you have more variety, and you can make your videos look different than everyone else.

  • Mix and Match With Main FE Templates:

You can mix and match different scenes and elements from these “Deluxe” templates, with the templates in the main offer. Giving you even more variety in the type of videos you can create.

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Upgrade 2: Video Addons ($47)

Make your videos pop & stand out from everyone else with Animated Text, Lower Thirds, Transitions, Overlays, Callouts, & Flash FX

If you want to stand out from everyone else, you might want to make some changes to the templates from the main package. And this upgrade will give you tons of add-ons to easily customize the look of your videos.

Visually appealing videos get more attention. And with this upgrade, you can easily apply some style to your videos and make them more visually appealing.

People notice small details. Adding little touches to polish your videos will take them to a next level, and impress your viewers. And you’ll get tons of add-ons in this upgrade to give your videos that final touch.

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Upgrade 3: Assets Bundle ($67)

Get Access To 1,000’s Royalty Free Stock Videos, Photos, Graphics & Audio Files – For A One-Time Fee

The cool thing about the Drag and Drop Videos templates, is that you can import your own images, videos, sound effects, and other “assets” into the templates. For example in the “Fashion Store Promo” template, you can replace the woman’s clothing images with images of electronics… and boom you have an electronics store video.

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Upgrade 4: Motion Graphics Bundle ($47)

Unlock 1,000’s motion graphics to customize your drag-and-drop video templates. You’ll get things like animated objects, emojis, arrows, icons, backgrounds, and much more. Most of these are made in-house by a team of professional animators.

And if you were to buy them individually you would have to pay at least 10x more. With a bundle deal, you get to save big and get the whole motion graphics collection for a fraction of the cost.

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Upgrade 5: 9-in-1 Products Bundle ($77)

This upgrade is a bundle of 9 different high-quality graphic products which are currently sold for $19 – $39 each. If you were to purchase these products one by one you’d pay $221.

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My Conclusion

The videos created with Drag Drop Videos 2 grab your viewer’s attention in seconds. This product will save you a fortune on buying media stocks and on expensive freelancing video editors, too!

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With the price of $49, I’m sure you’ll get what you pay for. And if you want to make things work, or convert viewers into buyers, give Drag Drop Videos 2 a chance!

Now just take your time and consider the final decision. By the way, please spend a couple of minutes browsing my bonus section. I want to support you with other stuff that I think will work well with this product.