Dr. Scottsdale Recommends Minimally Invasive Procedures as an Alternative to Full-Blown Surgeries

Most people do not find the thought of surgery to be pleasant. With the numerous options available today, a lot of surgeries can be performed with minimal cuts, pain, and recovery time. Thanks to advancements in technology and the medical experts’ efforts, new methods and ways of improving patient health are coming to life. The most common concern that any person encounters before undergoing surgery is how can the recovery time be faster, and what can lead to less scarring as well as less pain? When we compare open surgeries with minimally invasive procedures, the former possesses a much higher risk and potential for complications than the latter. As a practicing plastic surgeon and a former US military doctor, Dr. Scottsdale swears by the minimally invasive procedures and believes it to be a great and safe alternative to full-fledged surgeries.


Dr. Scottsdale has performed a range of procedures, from aesthetic procedures, cancer reconstruction, hand surgeries, to cleft lip surgery, on several patients from all around the world. Dr. Scottsdale feels with the inception of minimally invasive surgery, medical experts can help people heal with smaller incisions, less trauma, less scarring, and faster recovery time. In the case of full-blown surgeries, he says that it involves making a large incision in the area through which the tissues are worked upon. As someone who witnesses this on a day to day basis, he recommends his patients to go the minimally invasive way, depending on the case, to avoid incisions, bleeding, prolonged recovery time, and visible scars.


With minimally invasive surgeries (MIS), Dr. Scottsdale says, there’s little or almost no chance of wound complications that otherwise arise in open surgeries. Being a specialist in minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Scottsdale’s focus is on helping patients recover soon, return to work, and get a sense of normalcy quickly. Speaking further, he mentioned, “I won’t say MIS is always better than open procedures in all the situations. It varies from case to case. However, whenever possible, this modern way is a gamechanger. Before going ahead with any surgery, I’d always advise, consult an expert, and also get a second opinion regarding the benefits and risks of both full-fledged and minimally invasive procedures.”


Dr. Scottsdale has treated a range of clients, be it celebrities, sports athletes, and notable entrepreneurs. Dr. Scottsdale has been able to amass an extensive portfolio of A-listers mainly because of the trust that the patients place in him, and due to the results that they reap in return. As a practicing plastic surgeon, he lives by the philosophy, “be your own kind of beautiful”. Thus, he makes an effort to deliver natural and personalized results as per the patient’s needs and goals. His emphasis on the fine details, client satisfaction, and perfection has helped him make a name and build a stellar reputation. 


With his skills and expertise formed over nearly a decade of experience, Dr. Scottsdale has transformed and continues to enhance the lives, appearance, and confidence of many people.