Dr. Salar Hazany, The Man Behind The Results

Dr. Salar’s Education

Dr. Hazany who is originally from Los Angeles California, at a very young age decided that he was going to use his natural ability to help peoples skin. After graduating summa cum laude from UCLA’s Neuroscience & then from the prestigious UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine he was selected to join a Fellowship Program where he spent 2 years perfecting the art of Mohs Micrographic Surgeries.


At Houston Methodist Hospital and to continue to focus on medical dermatology and build a solid knowledge of cosmetics during his time at the hospital where he was chief medical officer. Based on his public health experience and love for the city of Houston, Dr. Hazany decided to travel and continue his medical education in cosmetic medicine at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the Georgia Institute of Technology, he traveled to Houston to work for Houston’s Methodist Hospital.


In addition, Dr. Hazany has also published many articles that can be used as a source of information for dermatology and facial surgery. He completed his medical training at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia under the supervision of Dr. Leonard Goldberg, an internationally renowned dermatologist.


Other skin care clinics that treat acne will never come close to delivering the mind-bottling results that doctors like Salar offer their clients. The Doctor who founded Salar Hazany MD is famous on social media for stopping active acne removing the trapped and dead skin underneath.


He continued to have a particular interest in dermatological surgery and became a member of the board of the American Society of Dermatology (ASD) and the International Society for Cosmetic Surgery (ISS). Dr. Salar Hazany, is chief surgeon at Salar Hazany MD, where he helps treat patients with skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and other dermatological conditions.


Salar Hazany MD & The Results

Dr. Salar is a pioneer in laser surgery and has performed more than 1,000 laser surgeries on patients in Los Angeles alone. His training in general surgery / plastic surgery was recognized by the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.


Specialising in the treatment of skin cancer, Dr. Salar Hazany has written a book on practical skin cancer management, which is used at medical schools across the country.


The Doctor is a diplomat with the American Board of Dermatology, which specializes in cosmetic procedures and laser treatments. In Hollywood circles, there are dermatologists who are more focused on maintaining a youthful appearance.


Dr. Salar Hazany has been offers cosmetic dermatology to people in the Los Angeles area to develop a tailor-made treatment plan that will make your skin look healthy and beautiful for years to come. If you are looking for a doctor who can help you save your youth, Contact Salar Hazany MD. The before and afters that I have seen on their website (hazanyderm.com) are beyond incredible.


Dr. Salar Hazany founded his skin care clinic  to provide patients in the Los Angeles area with the most advanced treatment options for skin cancer patients. He is one of Southern California’s most respected dermatologists to arrange an appointment with him or to get more information about his services locate his website.


Cosmetic Dermatology, Behind The Scenes

Lasers used to rejuvenate the face have minimal downtime and excellent results according to who we spoke with at Salar Hazany MD.

Throughout her career, Doctors in The Field of Cosmetic Dermatology reduce the impact and pain of their aging patients through science.

To add a little decoration to her curriculum vitae, Dr. Salar Hazany has co-authored several books on skin diseases and dermatological surgery and has given lectures worldwide. The Doctor, is impressive to say the least: he integrates science – supported solutions to achieve skin – and transforms results from the inside out.

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