Dr. Sahil Gupta is Revolutionizing the Fertility Industry

SANTA BARBARA, California – Sahil Gupta is the Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Oma Robotics and Oma Fertility. He brings extensive expertise in the fertility space with a pioneering business model that integrated robotics and AI into the fertility treatment sector. A physician by training, Dr. Gupta previously founded and opened Aveya, a chain of eight clinics in India and Nepal performing up to 6,000 cycles per year. Dr. Gupta is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School, and completed the General Management Program at this University as well as having earned a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from Safdarjung Hospital in India.

Dr. Sahil Gupta has a long track record of providing affordable services for both couples and individuals seeking new approaches to fertility technology. Fertility treatment in India typically ranges from $2000 to $3000, making it unaffordable to the general population. Dr. Gupta sought out to make a change, believing that the public deserved affordable options which could be accomplished with the addition of cutting-edge technology. “I launched Aveya with the hope that using artificial intelligence will improve outcomes and will bring affordable reproductive medicine to the common people.” Aveya holds a stable pregnancy rate of 60% which is at par with the best clinics in the world.

By bringing his expertise to Oma Robotics, he is providing a safe, affordable avenue for couples and individuals seeking fertility services. The United States represents one of the most privatized health industries in the world, which also means that it is one of the most expensive health care industries in the world. Oma is helping to fill the real need for more affordable fertility services without compromising the quality of health care or success rates.

About Oma Fertility

Oma Fertility, which is a division of Oma Robotics, was founded in 2020 by a team of world-leading engineers and AI experts. The idea for Oma Fertility was first conceived when founder Gurjeet Singh spoke to an acquaintance who had gone through IVF. Singh was shocked to learn that the couple endured six cycles of IVF without success, paying $45K for each cycle and eventually having to file for bankruptcy. 

After hearing about his acquaintance’s distress, Singh decided to build a new fertility clinic that was more efficient and affordable so that people wouldn’t have to go bankrupt trying to conceive. While creating the company, Singh decided to bring on Dr. Sahil Gupta and Kiran Joshi as co-founders due to their respective experiences and expertise in the fertility services industry. Dr. Sahil Gupta in particular was especially beneficial to the new company due to his vast experience and prior success with fertility clinics from his ground-breaking work with Aveya, the chain of fertility clinics he established in India and Nepal.

Oma Sperm InSight™

Oma’s first innovation was Oma Sperm InSight™, which uses AI to help pinpoint the most promising sperm cell for use in IVF. Offering services like egg freezing, frozen embryo transfer, and donor egg IVF, the clinic stays with you through every step of the process and maintains consistent and clear communication. Oma Fertility developed its first technology, an AI sperm selection tool called Oma Sperm InSight™, to help embryologists pinpoint the most promising individual sperm cells to pair with eggs

On average, women undergo three cycles of IVF before either becoming pregnant or giving up, which can be an extremely stressful process. The Oma team developed the AI platform as a first step in reducing the number of cycles required and improving the IVF process. The company will implement additional technologies in the near future, including robotics to support fertilization and incubation. 

Humans have a biological drive to build families, but fertility rates have been dropping in recent years. As a result, a growing number of pregnancies are relying on IVF—and approximately 20% will rely on IVF over the next two decades.

Even with advances in recent decades, the success rate for IVF is still around only 30% today. The typical IVF patient goes through three cycles to get pregnant before giving up. Even when successful, IVF is still an enormously draining process, physically and emotionally—especially for women. Reducing these stressors and improving the success rate is critical. Oma Fertility set out to improve the experience and knew they could do that through a novel AI tool to assist in IVF.

Oma Fertility opened its first fertility clinic in Santa Barbara, California in 2021 and has plans to expand throughout the United States by the end of 2023.

IVF Made Accessible

Dr. Sahil Gupta is determined to make a mark on the industry in the U.S., as he has done in India and Nepal, through both medical expertise and an understanding of business. “As a physician entrepreneur, success to me means delivering top–quality patient experience and care while generating shareholder value,” he says. “Success also means that we are building a company that has a positive impact and brings joy to the lives of thousands of people. ‘The Why’ is a very important part of success.”

Bringing balance to his work with a consistent effort, Dr. Sahil Gupta is determined to make fertility services more affordable, safe, and easy, so that more people can experience the gift of life.

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