Dr Sachin Bhardwaj: An All Rounder Star With A Lot Of Future Prospects

There are a lot of people we see around us who are talented, but not everyone can have control over multiple fields at the same time. They must learn to have better innovative ideas and try to establish themselves in more than one kind of field of career in order to prosper in life. people gain a lot of fame and popularity for the tiniest of reasons but the person who is capable of actually performing better in real life is the real hero. In this article we will discuss about doctor Sachin Bhardwaj, who is a high functioning professional dental surgeon and has been successfully entertaining people with his artistic and content creating qualities on YouTube.

Doctor Sachin Bhardwaj has become very popular in a very short span of time, this is owing to his talents and his hard work that he has put into the work. Let’s discuss about them all one by one:

YouTube channel

Doctor Sachin has a very popular and flourishing channel that has surpassed three lack subscribers already. The number of views on each video is increasing day by day and it is anticipated that by the end of this year, it will increase more than three folds. Since the content that he creates is not only entertaining but also informative, people find it very easy going and comfortable to watch, educational content is always appreciated.

The dental surgeon has been talking about a number of interviews that he has had with popular Bollywood stars, giving specific details and revealing very unknown facts that the concerned fans might be delighted to know about. For example Yashpal Sharma, the great khali, and a number of other national as well as international sportspersons. This not only increases his own fan following, it also increases his respect in the eyes of people who admire him for his transparency.

Song Writing

You might be pretty surprised to know that doctor Sachin Bhardwaj is also interested in songs. The recent song Haryana Ka Sher featured Yogeshwar Dutt, who was Mr world 2014 come on Mr world 2017, Mr India Ramniwas Malik and Mr Delhi Yudhveer Dagar  and a number of other  known international players that have created a world record. He has actually done a lot of work for such players, standing by them in situations and giving them probable and resourceful advice. 

You have heard about Haryana Ka Sher, now get ready for Haryana ki Sherni! This was a record breaking song which proved his talent as a singer also, besides being a content creator and a dental surgeon doctor for veterans. This too had a number of superstar athletes like Sangeeta Phogat, Sakshi Malik, World Championship Wrestler Anita Shriram, Suman Kindu, Sweety Boots, Kavita Goyat, and so on. If we keep mentioning the names, the list is probably not going to end. These wonderful personalities have enhanced and added to the meaning of the song. This is a very diverse area and the music industry is delighted to have him as a contributor.

You might really want to follow him on Instagram at his official page so that you can stay updated with the recent serials also that he has been performing in!