Dr Praveen Chandra- An Eminent Interventional Cardiologist

Dr Praveen Chandra is an illustrious Interventional Cardiologist with prosperous experience of more than 29 years. Presently, he is appointed as Chairman in the department of Interventional & Structural Heart Cardiology at Heart Institute of Medanta- The Medicity, Gurgaon. He is conversant in dealing with new medical equipment and advanced technologies. He is an author to over 100 articles and reviews in renowned international as well as national medical journals. He has specialization in the treatment of Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA), Interventional Cardiology, Valvuloplasty (BMV), and Cardiology.  Dr. Chandra is the first in India who performed Percutaneous Aortic valve implantation without surgery. In India he’s also the first one who used AngioJet Thrombectomy Device, started Percutaneous Myocardial Laser vascularization Program in Asia and the First to use FFR & Bioabsorbable stents. HIs area of interest includes Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty, Coronary Angioplasty / Bypass Surgery, Ambulatory Blood, Pressure Monitoring, Holter Monitoring, Pulmonary Function Test (PFT), Ultrasound/Ultrasonography, Invasive Cardiac, Cardiac Ablation, Cardiac Pacing, Cardioversion, Cardiac Catheterisation, Heart Conditions, Heart Transplant, Rheumatic Heart Disease Treatment, etc.

Academic Qualifications:

  • M.B.B.S. –                King Georges Medical College, Lucknow University, 1985
  • MD. –                     Medical Genetics – King Georges Medical College, Lucknow University, 1989
  • DM(Cardiology) – King Georges Medical College, Lucknow University, 1991

Work Experience:

  • Consultant: During the period of 1991-2003 at Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center
  • Director:      During the period of 2003-2009 at Cardiac Cath Lab & Acute MI Services at Max Healthcare
  • Director :     During the period of 2004-2009 at AMI course
  • Chairman:   From 2009- Present at Division of Interventional Cardiology at Medanta The Medicity


  • Fellow of Endovascular Intervention Society of India  
  • The Asia-Pacific Society of Interventional Cardiology
  • Fellow of American College of Cardiology
  • Fellow of European Society of Cardiology
  • Fellow of Endovascular Intervention Society of India
  • Fellow of Asia Pacific Society of Cardiology
  • Member of Cardiology Society of India


  • Success and achievement in the field of angioplasty in India, 1998
  • Recognition Award for Success and achievement in the field of angioplasty in India, 1998
  • Padma Shri Award, 2016

Research & Publication: 

    • Specific Stenting: Matching the lesion with appropriate stent , 1997
    • JAMA :   Intracoronary Stents: Present and Future, 1998
    • Intravascular Ultrasound: Current Applications, 1998
  • Percutaneous balloon pericardiotomy in a patient with end stage renal disease with recurrent pericardial effusion & pericardial tamponade, 2010
  • Intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation and infarct size in patients with acute anterior myocardial infarction without shock: the CRISP AMI randomized trial, 2011

Steps to Prevent Heart Diseases- Dr. Praveen Chandra:

    • Maintain Blood Pressure: High blood pressure increases the chances of stroke and cardiac arrest. After the age of 50 check blood pressure regularly and do necessary changes in your lifestyle if required to keep your heart healthy.
    • Cholesterol and triglyceride levels should be monitored: If these two are at a high level then there is a high chance of clogging in arteries which can lead to heart attack. If needed please take prescribed medicines and control triglycerides and cholesterol for a healthy heart.
    • Diabetes should be under control: If you’re diabetic then you need to be cautious about your blood sugar level. Avoid eating sugary products and high carb-food. Check your diabetes frequently to control it. 
    • Have a good sleep: Sleep should not be less than 7 hours a day. Stress free sleep and proper sleep is necessary for a healthy heart as well as body. 
    • Reducing stress and regular exercise is significant: Stress is a major factor for increasing blood pressure that can lead to heart disease. Regular exercise is a key factor to reduce over-stress and anxiety and even exercises also help in good sleep. 
  • Avoid smoke and alcohol: Drinking alcohol can increase calories which can increase your body weight and that’s not a good thing for the heart. Avoid Cigarette smoking as this can increase blood pressure and can lead to major stroke.

Tips to become a successful doctor- Dr. Praveen Chandra:

  • Always willing to learn
  • Always practise what we preach
  • Passion for dreams and goals
  • Time Management is significant
  • Always think about others too
  • Have a healthy lifestyle and healthy body
  • Always spend time with positive people
  • Never lose hope

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