Dr. Marc Hafkin Speaks on What the Future Holds, Professionally and Personally

Early on in Dr. Marc Hafkin’s career, while on active duty in the U.S. Army, he was in charge of several Psychiatric wards and later the outpatient clinic of a major Psychiatric Center in Frankfurt Germany. After several years of Active Duty in the military, Dr. Hafkin left to pursue further education in 1973.

After completing his Doctoral degree in 1981, he went on to complete a Post Doctoral Fellowship in Clinical Psychology in 1984. Dr. Hafkin did graduate work at Washington University in St Louis completing two Masters degrees in Clinical Social Work and Counseling Psychology. While in St Louis, Dr. Hafkin trained police officers in domestic dispute and conflict resolution to de-escalate volatile situations. He has consulted with numerous organizations to help their senior staff become more effective in their professional careers and peer relationships.

Dr. Marc Hafkin opened his own private practice which he has had since 1975. He sees individuals, couples, and running psychotherapy and coaching groups. Additionally, he supervises Master and Doctoral candidates in their clinical work.

Dr. Hafkin has worked with Masters and Johnsons in their sex therapy clinic assessing individuals and couples and treating them for various sexual and emotional difficulties. He has also worked in a treatment center for “emotionally dysregulated” children and adolescents as well as in various hospitals, and prisons.

Dr. Hafkin completed various trainings in numerous approaches to psychotherapy and has combined his expertise with an educational approach to coaching. He has moved from a “medical/pathology approach to an “educational strength-based” approach when working with individuals.

We interviewed Dr. Marc Hafkin who spoke about what’s in store for the future professionally, as well as the things he’s currently most excited about.

What are you most excited about?

When thinking of excitement I tend to go to the various parts of my life.

In my personal life, I am excited about being a grandfather to a new granddaughter. Spending time with her and watching the growth process is an amazing experience.

In my professional life, I am excited about growing a coaching/therapeutic business that helps people in their growth process.

Personally, I am excited about reaching the milestone of achieving 2,000 dives in my scuba diving career.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact your business? And what steps did you take in response?

COVID basically transitioned my business from an in-person model to a virtual model. It allowed my clients to not have to travel to my office and freed up time for them that was otherwise used for travel.

My response to the COVID situation was to get better electronic equipment and learn how to be more comfortable with the computer since so much of my business shifted into a digital forum.

How do you see the future of remote working and remote learning affecting your business?

It will be far easier to connect with prospective clients and maintain connections via virtual methods than it was in the past.

How has the recent movement towards greater diversity and inclusion for minorities affected your business planning?

I have spent a great deal of my life living abroad and learning foreign languages. As a result of my overseas experiences, I am more aware of how culture can affect people and relationships. I have been consulting with embassies who ask for my expertise in working with people comoving from other countries.

What is one trend that excites you?

I believe that we are on the cutting edge of helping to educate people on how to achieve success. The movement of Positive Psychology has created a mindset of helping people work on a strength based model.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Get a good education and be broad in the studies you undertake. Allow yourself to think out of the box without reservation and be bold in your dreams and make your dreams come true!

Learn more about Dr. Marc Hafkin on his website.