Dr Jessica N Widjaja : U.S Shouldn’t Leave WHO in the Middle of COVID 19 Pandemic

Dr.Jessica N. Widjaja at United Nations Headquarter New York during the United Nations General Assembly 2019

In this pandemic situation, when the coronavirus rages on, President Donald Trump has suddenly announced for the termination of America’s relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO) and they want to redirect their funds to other public health needs.

The WHO was founded by the USA including other superpowers. It was established after the world-war II. It was a collective project to maintain and protect the health, that is highly appreciated. The information collected and analyzed by the WHO is always reported to the governments of states. It helps the states to prevent certain situations that may happen to us. Although, A lot of bad moves were made by WHO during COVID-19 situation that leads to more emphasis on the weaknesses of WHO. But, still, the world indeed is the safest place with the presence of WHO.

WHO may be an easy target for the countries to blame on for their failures to cope with this situation. However, the WHO had raised alarm on this critical disease on time on January 30, 2020.


Is the US withdrawal lawful from WHO?

The debate is running all around the world on this issue. The clarification from the US government is still pending about what does “terminating” the relationship means?

As far as the law is concerned, there is no legal authority to the president of the US that he may terminate the relationship  with the WHO. There is a requirement of one year notice along with the full payment of assessed contributions before the withdrawal.

When we talked to Dr Jessica Natalia Widjaja, She expressed that the way the US withdraws from WHO is going to impact the health dealings badly. The WHO has been at the forefront during this pandemic but in the middle of this crisis, nobody has expected the freezing or pulling out of any funds from the US. It may prove to be a disaster for public health. There should have been a constructive engagement instead of destructive disengagement during this pandemic situation. Many other experts agree with her, such as Thomas J. Bollyky, director of the global health program.


Putting America in danger

Many of the experts are very clear that America may have put itself in grave danger. The decision on pulling out of funds will definitely cause irreparable damage to the WHO as well as worldwide efforts of fighting this deadly COVID 19.

The USA can not keep itself safe until the whole world eradicates this pandemic situation. The separation of the USA from WHO will result in weakening of a global response to COVID-19. 

 Dr. Jessica Natalia Widjaja says that “Anything that weakens the globalization must be avoided”.

America should reconsider its decision

Although, the WHO declined to comment further on the US moves. It is going to impact badly over the fight against COVID-19 and other diseases. It will also slow down the eradication of Polio, which seemed to happen soon. Since the number of cases of Polio has already decreased by over 98%. Also, the WHO has much better access to countries like Afghanistan, where the USA is not welcome. Everything will get slowed down significantly without US funding. Also, the fight against HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, is all threats to all of humanity.