Dr. Israel Figa Explains the Differences between COVID-19 and Flu Symptoms

The world is fighting a hard battle with COVID-19, and it seems that the biggest and most developed nations are struggling the most. Millions have lost their lives already and even more are being infected with every passing second. While some people are praying for this nightmare to be over, others pass on by comparing COVID-19 to flu and not taking it seriously. If you are one of them, there are a few things for you to know. There are some clear differences between flu, regular cold, and the disease you catch from the contraction of the Coronavirus.

Let’s look at some clear differences between COVID-19 and flu, as explained by Dr. Israel Figa.

Flu vs. COVID-19 – The Different Symptoms

The Dry Cough

Don’t be under the impression that you will not be coughing when you have flu. Yes, you will cough but you might notice phlegm and mucous in your throat right from the start. In fact, you might feel that it is the thick substance in your throat that’s causing you to cough. On the other hand, you have dry coughing that comes with COVID-19. The cough is dry because the virus is attacking your respiratory system. Not to mention, this particular coughing will not start all of a sudden. It will start from 5 to 14 days after you have been infected.

In some patients, the dry coughing can be so severe that it makes it difficult for them to breathe. According to Dr. Israel Figa, when you have COVID-19, you start coughing and then at times, it might feel that you will never stop coughing. This is serious in itself, especially for people who are in their later years. Such coughing can be painful for some people.

Sticky or Sore Throat

Usually, when you get a sore throat, you will always know the reason why. If you have a sore throat, you just think about the past few days and you will be able to figure out what caused it. Perhaps, you had a soda drink right before going to sleep. Even a bowl of soup with a lot of vinegar and soy sauce in it can catch your throat. In other words, you will always know why you have a sore throat. On the other hand, you might not have any idea what gave you the sore throat when you have COVID-19. You will catch the disease from some surface and as soon as the virus starts working in your body, you will start getting these symptoms.

Since the symptoms appear slowly within the course of 14 days, you will feel only mild sore throat in the beginning accompanied by light fever. As per Dr. Israel Figa, it is these common symptoms that make people believe that they don’t have COVID-19 but flu. Well, that’s natural for you to do. As a normal human being, you will react naturally to the situation and identify it as something that you already know.

Complete Loss of Smell

This has been a very unique symptom of COVID-19 and has helped many people found out that they had the disease. So, when you have flu, you might also have fever. It is common for people to lose their sense of smell when their nose is runny and they are having a fever with it. However, there are certain harsh or strong smells that you will always smell no matter how stuffy your nose is. Take the example of the smell of onion. Even if you have cold, flu, or fever, you will be able to smell onion or even garlic. However, that’s not the case with COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Israel Figa explains that a person with COVID-19 might lose the sense of smell to the point that they might feel they don’t have a nose anymore. You can bring onions, garlic, or any other thing in the world close to their noses and they smell anything. A large population of people, who have been infected with COVID-19, has had this particular symptom, which helped them realize that they were COVID-19 positive.

Don’t Be Stubborn

The most important thing, as per Dr. Israel Figa, that people have to learn is to not be stubborn in these hard times. There are still many people who are not listening or learning. They think COVID-19 is nothing more than flu. At the same time, some people are so non-serious about the situation that they don’t wear masks at all. They are going against the government’s guidelines by not wearing masks or taking any other measures to protect themselves and others around them. This situation is what has caused so many deaths around the world, and especially in the US.

If you compare flu to COVID-19, you have to be talking about the similarity in their symptoms only. If you are referring to their impact, effect, and death rate, there is nothing common in the two. Yes, flu causes deaths in the world, but when you look at the stats, there are no more than 650,000 deaths around the globe due to conditions caused by flu. Keep in mind that these deaths are not directly due to flu, instead conditions related to flu. On the other hand, in less than a year, COVID-19 alone has caused more than 1,000,000 deaths around the globe.

Dr. Israel Figa believes that people have to learn, if not for themselves then others. If they can’t wear a mask to stop the virus from spreading, they can do it to not cause panic in the people around them.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Israel Figa has been adamant in talking people out of the myths they are living with. He thinks that the similarity or dissimilarity of symptoms really does not matter when one doesn’t do anything to protect themselves. Be a law abiding citizen, and more importantly, a responsible human who agrees to do certain things for others. Keep yourself and those around you safe from COVID-19, and hold on until a vaccine is formulated.