With infertility is on the rise, fertility experts provide couples with the support they need

As a clinical diagnosis, infertility does not only lead to physical constrictions but mental strain as well. It brings a range of complicated emotions, which often leave couples distressed. Often considered as a modern couple’s problem, infertility, has emerged as one of the most common health issues faced by young couples, speaking of which Dr Goral Gandhi says that there is still little research on its long term impacts. Sedentary lifestyles with minimum physical activity, rising stress level and irregular sleep pattern are few of the reasons that have led to hormonal anomalies and subsequent infertility in couples. 

What research tells us is on the same lines as what anyone who has been through infertility will tell us: it can be incredibly difficult. A research study suggests that nearly 1.5% more men have infertility than women, and the common causes are smoking, stress, diabetes and obesity. 

 “If a couple faces the inability to have children, then after a year of trying to conceive, it is best suggested that they see a fertility specialist, get a diagnosis and begin weighing their options. The cause isn’t always clear, but the couple gets aware of the necessary treatment options: IUI, IVF, ICSI, and other direct treatments,” says Dr Goral Gandhi, a senior embryologist who has this conversation with couples at the Indo-Nippon fertility clinic, where she informs them about the optimal infertility treatment options, and the fertility decline that comes naturally with ageing or due to environmental triggers. 

Every couple handles the process of infertility differently. Factors like the support system (friends, family, even your specialists), medical history, and how long you’ve been dealing with infertility–they all have a part in determining your problems and possible mitigation, says Gabrielle Andrew, a reproductive endocrinologist at the American fertility clinic.

According to doctors, the best thing to do is learn about infertility and equip couples with information, and so if the need be, the couple is best prepared to deal with it. If a couple is already in the thick of infertility, knowing that the experience is normal and that they have help available can be empowering and relieving.

It’s one of the realities of fertility treatment: it can be very hard. The silver lining is that you’ll have a team on your side, helping you to move forward in building the family you’ve been dreaming of. No matter where you are in the process, you can get the support you need through the finest fertility clinics.