Dr. E.C Fulcher JR – Types of Pastor who Fail to Reach Ministry Potential

You likely can name a couple of capable athletes that demonstrated great potential at the start of their career yet flared out rashly. “But why weren’t they able to succeed?” The absence of qualities like dedication, modesty, or discipline may have made them miss an extraordinary chance. 

In the same manner, Pastors are helpless to not be able to live up to their full potential. Natural talent or past service endowments are insufficient to get you to the end goal in service. 

There are certain characteristics of a pastor that tells whether or not he is going to make up to the ministry level. Preaching for more than 50 years, Dr. E.C Fulcher JR shares with us the types of pastors that fail in their mission:


  • The Insubordinate Pastor

The Pastor may incline toward his vision for service over his supervisor’s vision and decline to submit to his Authority. This behavior may cause division in the church or for others to limit the vision of the administering ministers.

  • The Money-Loving Pastor

Cash is one of the three major sins Satan frequently uses to make ministers fall (alongside sex and force). Monetary enticements proliferate from plunging into church assets for individual use to betting. Watch your heart against the tempt for cash and Pray that God would assist you with displaying righteousness with satisfaction.

  • The Loose-with-Physical-Boundaries Pastor

Ministers walk an almost negligible difference with physical touch like never before. Without appropriately characterized limits and shields, a minister may end up offending any member, losing his employment, or doing time in jail. Try not to let yourself fall into even a trace of sexual wrongdoing or permit motions and physical touch to be misjudged.

  • The Mismanaged Pastor

With an assortment of jobs and responsibility, pastors should have the option to oversee themselves, their timetable, and their family. Ministers who can’t oversee themselves don’t complete what they start or fulfill time constraints and can’t arrive at their potential in service. At the point when Paul disclosed to Timothy capabilities for pioneers in the congregation, he referenced management multiple times (explicitly with respect to his family unit). Why would that be?

  • The Lazy Pastor

Numerous pastors (particularly those in small churches) appreciate adaptable timetables with restricted oversight. This mix can transform into sluggishness if not held under control and lead to an assortment of sins. Being reckless about shepherding the flock, careless in managing cash, or lazy in reading Scripture will hurt you and your people as time goes on. Dr. E C Fulcher JR represents him to the local parish, which is a collection of neighborhoods in one small region of a county within a given state.

  • The Unhappy Pastor

This sort of pastor considers life and ministry as a glass half-unfilled. A minister ought to have the option to deal with his spiritual life and profound expressions well. Lacking Christian joy loots a pastor of probably the best weapon and makes it extreme to stir enthusiasm for God in those under your consideration. Despondency might be because of coming up short on a strong perspective on the intensity of God

Bottom Line:

Dr. E C Fulcher JR had completed his doctorate from United Christian Bible Institute, Cleveland. He had started preaching at the early age of 17. He was awarded the “Defender of Animal Rights Award” in 2002 & 2005. Writing, restoring old cars, and writing songs are few things he likes to do.