Dipak Nandi M.D: The Effect of corona virus on People

According to a survey that demonstrates how the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated into nationwide psychological trauma, nearly half the people in the United States feel the corona virus crisis has a negative effect on their mental health.

In fact, also in the American Psychiatric Association poll, 36% of Americans reported that the outburst of the corona virus pandemic has had a severe impact on their mental health whereas 31% of Americans reported that due to the corona virus-related anxiety they are undergoing irregular sleeping pattern.

In an online forum in ‘Frankly speaking with Vibhuti Jha, Dipak Nandi M.D, a notable psychiatrist and entrepreneur, who is currently working on the corona virus patient & rendering mental health treatment has also a similar belief. As the outburst of the corona virus pandemic has given him with at least two to three new cases of severe anxiety and severe depression on a daily basis.

Even though in the given conditions, feeling anxious is part of a natural response to what’s going on but leading to excessive usage of the drug is not the solution. Suggesting some coping mechanisms, the psychiatrist Dipak Nandi in fact, in Renee’s report has pointed out a few measures to overcome this hard time of corona virus crisis. Cutting down on negative news and behaviors like not following daily routine is asked to be eliminated is one of them. Whereas focusing on coping skills like practicing meditation or yoga, performing daily chores is advisable. In fact, one can always seek help through the telemedicine platform too.

Helping to lighten this danger by lessening the number of face-to-face interactions, the telemedicine platform not only helps the patients in their physical treatment but also provides complete support for mental illness too; providing complete support in this challenging time of corona virus.