Dr. Ayman Shahine-Updated CDC Guid0elines On Discoveries of COVID-19

Dr. Ayman Shahine, president of the American Academy of Medical Journalism published a review article reflecting the latest updated CDC recommendations regarding the duration of patients’ infectivity and need for reverse isolation and quarantine. The CDC updated and revised its recommendations on August 3rd, 2020.



Dr. Ayman Shahine explained that COVID-19 infection is a new and largely unknown disease. Scientists and doctors have no prior experience dealing with it.

Dr. Shahine elaborated that day by day our knowledge with this infectious illness gets better as more scientific data is discovered and revealed. “Naturally, as new data and findings emerge CDC guidelines change and evolve to reflect the new emergent discoveries. “ commented Dr. Ayman Shahine.

Dr Omeed Memar, the Chicago based, celebrated MD, Ph.D. researcher and the current President of the American Academy of Medical Writers reported that On August 3rd, 2020, the CDC updated its guidelines for patients who recovered from the COVID-19 Infection regarding quarantine and the need for further testing.



Dr. Memar continued that the type of test for COVID-19 infection that the CDC is talking about is the presence of viral genetic material using nasal swabs for PCR tests.

Dr. Ayman Shahine noted that new data showed that recovered COVID-19 patients may continue to test positive for up to three months after the diagnosis. Shahine cautioned that such a positive test however does not mean that the patient is infectious.

Rather the positive test reflects the presence of fragments and remnants of “dead” viruses genetic material in certain tissues of the body like the nasopharynx. “In light of positive test results and a non-infectious situation, some people like to call such findings “false positive,” remarked Dr. Ayman Shahine