Dr. Ashish Saini – From a Urologist to A Cyclist – Conquering PBP

In the world of medicine, Dr. Ashish Saini is a renowned urologist for his surgical experience, along with his commitment to patient care. 

That’s not all though! There is another side of Dr. Saini that no one else knows about. This side of him often remains closed behind the doors of the OT! 

His ultra cycling! 

What is ultra cycling you ask?

Well, it is something that involves cycling for more than 200 kilometers in length or six hours in duration.

Now comes the information we’ve been dying to tell you about Dr. Ashish Saini! In an extraordinary feat, he has become the FIRST Urologist in the world to conquer the grueling Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) cycling event!

Not just this, he covered a jaw-dropping 1200kms with 12,000 meters of elevation gain.

This achievement of Dr. Ashish Saini is a testament to his dedication, perseverance, and belief, that anything is possible!

We have a few words by Dr. Saini himself! Don’t forget to continue reading.

The cycling journey begins:

My cycling journey began just 18 months before the PBP event in France. In April 2022, I embarked on a journey towards a cycling future and took my first long-distance cycling event from Delhi to Alwar.

This was a ride that ignited my passion for a more challenging cycling adventure! The experience that I had left me exhilarated and instilled in me a sensation and desire to delve deeper into the world of long-distance cycling.

Super Randonneur: A Stepping Stone

To prepare for my challenging cycling event of PBP, I set my goal on achieving the precious Super Randonneur (SR). Well, it wasn’t an easy task.

It consisted of a series of audax cycling events, including 200 km, 300 km, and 600 km rides in a single audax year.

Well, I achieved this feat within six months of commencing my journey as a road cyclist.

Preparing for PBP:

PBP, or Paris-Brest-Paris, is a legendary cyclist race event that dates back to 1891. This occurs every four years in the month of August and involves cycling a staggering 1200 kms with a strict time of 90 hours.

This was a challenging moment for me, but I chose to make the impossible happen.

I had eight months to achieve this dream and prepare for this monumental moment.

Starting with a training regime that was intense, I made sure that my practice in Urology was not impacted negatively. I committed to this by waking up at 4’o’clock in the morning every day, training rigorously with an unwavering determination to succeed.

I dedicated two to four hours every day to training. Mondays were a complete rest day, and I made sure to keep the holidays aside, as I had to achieve my goal.

Proper Guidance and Mentorship:

During the challenging journey, I had the guidance and support of my mentors, Mr. Rohan Sharma and Mr. Sanjeev Sharma. The unwavering support and constant insights helped me in navigating through the tough times ahead.

They have played an instrumental role in my goal of accomplishing Paris-Brest-Paris.

A Baptism By Fire!

You know that with any task comes its obstacles. This happened to me too. Technical issues emerged with my bicycle, prompting a last minute switch to a different cycle just two months before the PBP event.

This specific adjustment added to the intensity of my preparations.

Paris-Brest-Paris – A Daunting Challenge for Indians. Trust me!

Taking part in the PBP is no easy task; take my word for it, especially for Indian cyclists.

In the 2023 edition of the PBP, a mere 40 cyclists from India had completed the race, where the competition rate was just 14%. We, Indians, were even behind Thailand in the Asian rankings.

There were many seasoned riders who discouraged me from taking part in the race, citing my newcomer status in the cycling world. However, this did not shake my determination and committed myself to delivering my absolute best by training diligently and leaving behind the outcome in the hands of destiny.

It was a dream come true:

It was the moment of truth when I embarked on my PBP journey in August 2023. Over five days, I pedaled relentlessly, covering a distance that was equivalent to climbing one and a half times the height of Mount Everest – an astounding 12000 meters of elevation. In a momentous achievement, I had suddenly become the first Urologist globally to complete the PBP event!

A good dose of Fresh hospitality and support:

My experience of the PBP was enriched with the warm and generous hospitality of the French hosts.

Even in the middle of the night during the cycling journey, young kids lined the streets to cheer on the riders. Control points along the route offered French cookies and a whole lot of nourishing food to replenish us.

It was something that really caught my eye. 

The spirit of camaraderie among the following riders was palpable, with the riders supporting each other throughout the journey. Not just this, the weather conditions during the event were ideal and this was one of the major contributors towards my success.

A message of Inspiration:

The incredible journey that I had, from a Urologist to a Cyclist carries a powerful message of inspiring people. Despite having a very demanding professional practice, I have proved that, with unwavering dedication, conviction, and hard work, one can achieve anything in life.

Cycling, for me, is not just a physical exercise, but also a source of motivation and meditation. 

Paris-Brest-Paris – A Remarkable Feat:

Having conquered the dream of becoming the first urologist in the world to complete the PBP event is a testament to the power of dedication and a reminder to all, that there is nothing that cannot be achieved if you have the will to do it!
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