Dr. Ali AlSaqoby exceptional talents, charisma, and achievements made him an outstanding inspirational figure worldwide!

In this day, with the advancement of technology, accessing news is as easy as having a sip of water. However, with accessing news we cannot deny that, in these days of ongoing pandemic, we are constantly bombarded with news that is emitting significant negativity.

To the point that, you just want to simply abandon following it! Can you relate? Well you are not the only one!


However, the good thing is! Although there a bad side of the news, there is always the good bright positive side of it!

Once you find the good side of it, it can have a positive impact on your life.

Viewing worldwide news helps! A good tip is to look for people that are successful and research their story to get motivated!


With applying this tip, lately, I was able to discover an incredible individual through the news! He caught my eyes, because his name recurred a couple of times, So I had to look him up!

His story of juggling multiple careers with great success has changed my life! by motivating me to pursue further careers and get motivated to achieve my pending fitness goals!


This exceptional multi–talented man comes all the way from Kuwait, yet holds a great positive impact worldwide on the younger generations, and also on grown up adults such as myself!

Usually as an author on multiple top websites, I hardly write about individuals, but this incredible man has fully earned it! So, who is he, you say?


He goes by the name Dr. Ali AlSaqoby! He mastered the art of juggling multiple profession at the highest level there is to include dentistry, athletics, social media influence, entrepreneurship and authorship! All of this? yes! And more! No wonder he is such an incredible inspiration!


Growing up as a child with a bright future ahead!

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

          Source: Instagram:  Dr. Ali AlSaqoby.

What struck me is that, this man although comes from a luxurious beginning, he did not let this get onto his head, to be building up himself regardless of having a secured future and finances. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby was no ordinary kid he was brilliant in football, and exceeded the abilities of his peers. His  coaches noticed his potential and predicted he will take Kuwait national team to the next level.


Till he transitioned on the thing, that he excelled most on, and that is football skills. His injury forced him onto this path! But this in turn, was a blessing for him, as he pursued this path of performing skills, he discovered it was a separate independent sport! Named ‘football freestyle’ and it is a sport dedicated purely to do eye catching skills with the football.


Performing and participating successfully in world-class events and championships

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby performing

          Source: Instagram: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby performing and getting awarded at Expo Milan

Having this early discovery made him a leading pioneer in this sport, and also enabled him to gather a long experience in performing worldwide his latest participation of world championship landed him to be one of the top ranked football freestylers.

His competitiveness and his wide rapid spread of his football skills videos has soon made him a public figure that the youth looks up to and copy.

At this point, he is being demanded to perform football entertaining skills shows worldwide. Many shows were extraordinary, But Expo Milan particularly got a tremendous amount of media attention both locally and internationally! Reporters referring to Dr. Ali AlSaqoby as “Expo milan star” “Talent that exceeded all expectations” and much more, these are just a couple referenced from a couple of publications. Having such success of gathering thousands of people with his incredible talent has made him receive an award as one of the most influential individuals by the head of delegation.


Revolutionizing the sport of football freestyle as a football freestyle president!

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

Source: Instagram:  Dr. Ali AlSaqoby, top newspapers talking about him organizing RedbullStreetstyle National championships and Judging it 

His achievements as a competitor, as a performer and as a pioneer lead to him to have the opportunity to be part of the world football freestyle association. This gave Dr. Ali AlSaqoby a golden opportunity to fulfill his passion of revolutionizing the sport. And he did, he organized the world famous Redbull Streestyle tournament, and chose a player to represent Kuwait as a head judge himself, after holding a large successful event


Even during the pandemic, he organized safely regulated national official competitions to keep the players motivated, active and happy during these peculiar times.

He is using his social media influence with his large following, and one of the highest engagements to highlight the sport further to the public. And also, spread a positive message to the youth not only through sports, but also through self-development tips and productivity!

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

Source: Instagram:  Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

It does not take a genius to tell why are his photos are going viral and why is he getting one of the highest engagements ever in social media!


From a scholarship dental student to an inspiring dentist with several interests!

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

Source: Instagram:  Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

You might be guessing now? How is he dr with all this going on his life? Well from what I have gathered, he was a dental scholarship student that scored high, to be ranked, as one of the best in the country, coupled with his tremendous performance in athletics he was an ideal candidate to be granted a full paid scholarship.


Thus, he studied abroad and graduated with a Masters of dental surgery, bachelor of dental surgery and bachelor of science.


And also, during his studies, he received an award as the second most talented student. Now is he is working full time on Kuwait, and ocassionaly shares his flawless dental cases online!

The article got lengthy, before we even touched the surface of this exceptional character, follow him to know more, or look him up in google.