Download NjRAT v7.0d Danger Edition – FUD


It is a modified version of simple njrat 7.0. It is modified by a dark web hacker name FranhSko. It is also known as the name of FranhSko njrat. He added so many new and advanced features in this remote access trojan.

NjRAT v7.0d Danger Edition Download Here:

It is the best free RAT tool of all time. You can fully control anyone’s pc remotely from this pc rat tool like you control your own pc.

You can download and upload any file from the victim’s pc by using this remote access trojan. You can open any website URL silently into your victim browser.


You can mine cryptocurrency from your victim pc silently. You can put ransomware into your victim’s pc and demand them to give money.

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You can change your victim’s desktop wallpaper by using this best RAT tool. You can uninstall any software from the victim pc by using this RAT tool.
You can edit or change registry files from your victim pc. If you have so many victims in your скачать njrat then you also perform a DDOS attack by using the CPU power of you victim to anyone website.
You can steal bitcoin, ethereum, and xmr from the victim pc. You can power on and off victim pc from njrat 7.0