Douglas James On Why To Succeed, You Must Care FIrst

Douglas James, known as the High-Ticket Client Guy, is a highly-successful entrepreneur that has dedicated his career towards teaching and empowering other entrepreneurs to grow their own businesses and land high-paying clients. While he works with hungry and driven entrepreneurs, those are not the traits he deems most necessary to succeed. According to Douglas, the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones whose mission is to positively change the lives of their customers. 

James’s decision to help others was inspired by a humanitarian mission he undertook as a Navy corpsman in 2015. His exposure to some of the most impoverished nations in the world, whose citizens were lacking basic necessities like shoes, instilled in him the desire to make a difference. Today he is committed to giving back to his community, donating a portion of his earnings to organizations like Urban Angels and Our Lady of the Rosary, and wants to work with others who have the same mission in mind. 

“Every business owner I work with usually has a deeper reasoning as to why they want to grow their business in the first place,” he says. “I like to know that these businesses are ethical and are providing real services that change people’s lives. The business owners that I work with care about their customers and it’s not just about the money.”

James believes that entrepreneurs with a passion for what they do tend to be more successful, which is why he works with his clients to identify their deeper mission. “It’s just such an important piece. I like to know the history behind the person, their passion, and why they started the business in the first place,” he says. “I also like to get a really deep understanding of their customers and why it’s important for them to buy the product or service from my client. I help my clients reestablish that connection so that they can have better clarity when performing and showing up for their customers.”

On the other hand, entrepreneurs whose motives are purely financial will not thrive, because their apathy will show up in the product or service they provide. “I’ve seen a lot of businesses provide horrible services just to collect a check and then you’ll see they have bad reviews,” he explains. “So I work to make sure that they maintain a good online reputation, that they are receiving positive reviews and giving excellent service to their customers and clients so that they can keep them around a lot longer.”

James believes that community impact is just as crucial of an ingredient of success as financial gain. “ You have got to feel good about what you’re doing. If you can lay your head down at night and be happy about what you’ve achieved and what you’ve done for other people, that’s where true happiness comes from.”