The Life and Legacy of Douglas Graeme McCoy

Douglas Graeme McCoy is an Australian Entrepreneur as well as a Business Consultant and trainer. He is the creator of the Australasian Success Academy (ASA) which was establishe in 1984.

Douglas works as a business consultant as well as a business consultant specializing in training and recruiting of sales teams of franchise companies Direct sales organizations and marketing and sales companies.

Douglas has experienced many things in his life. Despite any challenge or issue Douglas is able to find ways to overcome. Douglas received nominations for “The Bulletin magazine” as well as “Compac Computing” Australian’s Young Executive of the Award for the Year.

In addition, he was selecte for inclusion on the “Metropolitan Executive and Professional Registry,” they listed Douglas in the International Who’s Who Register for New York (USA) 2000 for his demonstration of Outstanding Leadership and Achievements in the Industry and in his Professional Profession.

Doug’s story is one that must be hear and told. He’s experience many things throughout his life and is able to endure it all with an optimistic attitude. Doug has realized how there’s two different ways of learning in LIFE

  • One can gain knowledge by the experience of overcoming problems
  • You can gain knowledge from the experiences of others and avoid all the hassle and pain

Doug is a pro of learning from mistakes by not giving up and then bouncing back stronger than ever before!

Douglas Graeme McCoy is known as the ReCreation King

He’s experience numerous things throughout his life and for every obstacle or challenge, he manages to come through. Douglas Graeme McCoy – Founder of the Australasian Success Academy (ASA) in 1984. Douglas is Business Advisor and Consultant who specializes in formation and recruiting of the Sales and Marketing Teams for franchise companies, direct sales organizations as well as companies that deal in sales and marketing.

  • One can gain knowledge by the experience of overcoming problems
  • You can gain knowledge from the experiences of other people and avoid all the hassle and pain


Douglas Graeme McCoy is an Australian businessman who has started and managed a number of companies, including:

Rebound Exercise in homes to Australia as well as New Zealand with the “Vitalizer” Mini Trampolines that he imported to Las Vegas in 1982.

Douglas Graeme Mccoy owner and CEO of Properties and you. Properties and YOU create to help you look and think different then normal Real Estate Purchases. We have Developed and Introduced How To Methods, of buying properties with Little to No Money. We Provide you the know how to Create Opportunities to Buy Properties NOW. Why wait to save Your Deposit?

Established and Owned Australia’s Most Large number of Security Franchisees from 1984-1991. Then, he extended in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The introduction of Co-operative Coupons into Australia as well as New Zealand from 1991 till the present time, a company that in the USA generates more than $250 billion a year. Co-operative Coupons are now available in every postbox across Australia in addition to New Zealand since this introduction.

The owner of Excelsior College Pty Ltd, the entry point towards An Australia University Degree. Courses in Real Estate Business Management, Secretarial Computers, Tourism, Horticulture, Languages, Real Estate, ELICOS, and Retail Welfare.

He has involve in a variety of other projects, including the construction of houses for those with lower incomes, as well as creating retirement villages for senior citizens.

Let the Real McCoy Help Your Growth

  • An ex-1st grade Rugby Union player for St George
  • 1st Division Rugby League Player, as also representing New South Wales
  • 1st Division Rugby League Player, as also representing New South Wales
  • Certified Fitness Instructor BYU University / Vital Corporation Las Vegas Nevada USA 1982
  • Insurance Multi Million Dollar Round Table, 1982
  • The Management Certification Course. T&G Sales and Management Institution, Warburton Victoria 1981. First in Class
  • Dale Carnegie Sales Course 1981.Dale Carnegie & Associates Institute “Dale Carnegie Sales Talk Champion.”
  • A Sales Training graduate, IECSales Training Graduate, IEC Figgie, Los Angeles and Texas USA 1986-87
  • Management Training Graduate, IEC-Figgie, Los Angeles USA 1986 & 1990
  • Mechanical Engineering Certificate Sydney Technical College & St George Tec
  • Design and pattern-making (Trade) Sydney Technical College
  • MBA Masters of Business Administration Graduated in 2000

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