As a professional driver (either truck or bus), you know how exhaustive the demands of your job can be most times. Well, to ensure optimum safety for you and the general public, you will be required to carry out a DOT (department of transportation) physical.  The DOT physical is a checkup needed from commercial vehicle drivers by the federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA). This checkup ensures you 100% meet the physical requirements of your job. These requirements may include the ability to tolerate the various health risks posed by sitting down for a long while. 

Do you need a DOT physical and you’re unsure of what it entails? Well, here’s what you ought to know. 

What are the uses of a DOT physical?

To get a commercial driver’s license, a DOT physical is always part of the major requirements. The physical is used to analyze your overall physical health and capacity to handle a commercial vehicle and perform all the functions of your job. These requirements ensure you’re both mentally, physically, and medically qualified to go through the intense schedule, emotional stress and physical demands that are tagged with handling a commercial vehicle under all circumstances. 

Drivers who need the DOT physical include;

  • Drivers transporting hazardous chemicals and materials that requires their vehicles to have the hazmat placard
  • Those who handle motor vehicles with more than 15 passengers. 
  • Drivers paid to handle motor vehicles that carries at least 8 persons. 
  • Those operating the vehicles that’s got a gross combination weight rating that’s above 10,000 pounds. 

Once you pass the DOT physical, you’ll be granted a medical certificate that allows you to drive a commercial vehicle for up to 2 years, so long you’ve got no underlying physical or mental issues the needs regularly testing. If you have a chronic medical condition like high blood pressure, you may be given a shorter medical card.

Aside from this, certain medical conditions may need you to have an annual DOT physical. These conditions include conditions like heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, or conditions requiring chronic medication. 


DOT physical can’t be carried out by just anyone. It is performed by only certified medical examiners listed in the FMCSA national registry. These certified medical examiner may be a medical doctor (MD), chiropractor (DC), osteopathic doctor (DO), physician assistant (PA), or advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). 

At Anywhere DOT Exams, we provide Mobile DOT physicals to commercial drivers in Michigan. We use a mobile clinic and pull up to truck terminals, garages, or motor pools and carry out DOT physicals and drug testing when requested. 

As a driver, you’ll fill out your long form online ahead of time via a secured portal. Next, we arrive with mobile unit and will be ready to see drivers within 5 minutes. Drivers will be back on the road in 20 minutes. Do you need a DOT physical? Do well to check us out today.

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