If you are a nature lover and want an escape from everyday routine and the polluted environment of the cities then, visiting any National Park will be the best option. Flora, fauna, wildlife and eye-catching landscape – National Parks have everything in store for you. If you are a wildlife photographer, then also, you will enjoy spending time in these parks. National parks are for conservation, providing habitat and preserving animal species in the country. They help in providing a suitable living condition and a safe place for breeding and thus, helps in the prevention of extension of certain endangered species.

There are many National Parks in India along with many Wildlife sanctuaries and they are located in almost every state of the country. So, going out to explore these wildlife beauties will be great fun. But, before you plan to visit any National Park in India or in any part of the world, there are certain rules, guidelines that you must follow so that you neither create any kind of problem for yourself nor for the animals and other creatures living there.

Often people break rules and sometimes even the officials and tour guides also do such things. After spotting any rare animal, crossing the speed limits to reach the venue fast is one of the most common rules broken. Sometimes, we also cross our ‘decibels’ limit in excitement. So, it is very important to properly behave there as at the end, these parks are for those animals and conserving the wildlife and visitors must not disturb that.

Let’s discuss a few things to keep in mind.

There are various National Parks in the World and each National Park has its own set of rules and regulations which are needed to be followed by every visitor. Some are specific while many are common to every National Park.


  • Maintain a proper distance while watching any animal, respecting their privacy.
  • Always drive under speed limits and on the roads and must never go off-road.
  • Don’t pollute the place, avoid littering. Do not throw any kind of waste materials.
  • Never enter the place if you are drunk. You must not use phones or create a loud noise by playing music or any other such things.
  • You must not go there with your pets, small children and avoid disturbing any animal just for getting their reactions captured.
  • You must not enter the place after the sunset and must follow the instructions of the officials and your tour guide.

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There are many things that you can do to better enjoy your trip.

  • You should carry a camera for capturing beautiful moments and a pair of binoculars to do proper sightseeing.
  • Not always looking for big animals. There are various other small creatures also, which can amaze you. Do look for every big and small thing.
  • You must interact with the locals which can help you better understand the place and explore extra things.

So, these the few things that you must keep in mind while visiting any National Park in India. There are 104 such parks in India. So, don’t hesitate about planning a weekend there.