Do’s and Don’ts of Installing Ethernet Cable Wiring

An Ethernet cable network is also called LAN. It is known for providing point to point data transfer. These cables connect devices with jacks. It contains a lot of wires. This cable comes in two forms either solid or braided. Flexible one is braided, used for patch wiring. The one used for longer extensions is Solid form wiring. Each cable consists of eight color-coded wires. To prevent interference wires are twisted together closely. Twisted wire pairs are relied upon in most offices and home environments because twisted wires balance the current.

Plenum space is a medium through which cables of any kind including Ethernet cable is run and which should be plenum rated. There are several categories of Ethernet cable that are used in wiring. Each category is based on the different ranges from lower to high quality. Cat5e Plenum supports the low range and Cat6 plenum supports the high range. The industry has maintained its standard of using plenum-rated wires because when a disastrous fire occurs it helps fight the spread. 

All the benefits of Ethernet network cables are useless if it is not installed properly. Your downtime can be reduced if it is installed properly. Also, helps in the flow of data without any barrier. To install it properly it is very important to get acknowledged about dos and don’ts of installing it. 


Use separating colors for each cable:

Using the same color scheme for every cable can confuse you. So using separate colors for each cable makes the installation easier and also organizes the data lines.

Cables should be labeled:

Labeling the cable helps a lot in the installing process. Do remember the location of each cable. Labeling the cable and things to know while labeling is a major thing in the list of dos.

Use Wire Bundling Device:

Organize your patch cabling by using the wire bundling device while installing Ethernet cable wiring.

Map Layout:

If you want your cables to be located easily then draw a map layout while installing Ethernet cable wiring. Drawing a map layout will also help in saving your time as you will be clear about the location of each cable.


Your wires need to be spaced. Less spacing might result in wires being bundled up in each other.

Purchase connected Cable:

If you want to bind the cables strongly then purchase connected cables that help to build cables because better the binding better will be the connectivity.

Cable should be kept cool and dry:

As we all know that water should not come in contact with any electrical device. If the cable comes in contact with water it may create a lot of damage. Dry and cool cable allows to transfer better signals as well.


Cables should not be run in locations that are not safe:

While working with cables it is very important to take special care of the cable being used in safe locations. Just don’t run the cables where there is an electric connection or a water connection. Cables that are placed in the ceiling should not come in contact with ceiling tiles.

Cables shouldn’t be bundled tightly:

If you want the quality of cables to don’t get affected then you should not bundle your cables tightly.

Stop Over-Cabling:

If your rack will be over cable, it might result in creating excessive heat. Excessive heat can result in cables catching fire. So beware and don’t over cable, use them as per your need.

Don’t ignore Law/Rules:

If you will ignore the law the first risk that you will face will be of your safety. After that, you might be charged fine for either not using the specific voltage or any other breach of law. You need to understand your responsibilities and the importance of following laws.

Don’t untwist too much:

Untwist the wire but not more than what you have exposed. More untwisted cables may create a lot of problems during the installation process.

Ethernet cable wiring can be used in the best way if it is installed properly. These are the points that may seem of little importance but cause a lot of problems in the installing process if not followed properly. It is recommended that experts should be hired for this work as they will be having all the knowledge regarding Ethernet cable wiring. You have to do nothing except following all the dos and don’ts.

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