Dos And Don’ts During Gas Ducted Heater Replacement

Today’s most of the gas ducted heaters don’t seem to last longer. For reliability, efficiency, and lower energy costs Gas Ducted Heater Replacement is the most important thing. You need proper space for the replacement gas heater without affecting the other parts. During the replacement, there are a few things you need to know about the Duct Cleaning Melbourne. If it is not sized properly it could operate less efficiently.

Important things you need to do during the replacement of your gas ducted heater

  • Check the size

One of the most important things is that you select the right size because it is important to choose the right size. If you don’t select the gas ducted system of proper size then it might operate less efficiently. It’s not true that if you choose the large model then it will work effectively because bigger is not always best. 

  • Inspect the Air vents

Another important thing is to select an energy-efficient gas furnace. Before your Gas Ducted Heater Replacement makes sure that the HVAC technician properly checks and inspects the ductwork. With clogged ducts, it might be possible that your gas furnace operates less efficiently. So before replacement always contact the technician who cleans your ducts?

  • Check ceiling height

If you have a large floor area then you need a larger gas ducted system. High ceilings always require a large volume of space because as the heat rises the top of the room gets warmer as compared to the rest of the space. 

Things to avoid during Gas Ducted Heater Replacement

  • It might be possible that you have an older gas heater and its spare parts are not available so at that time you need replacement. Always prefer a room-sealed gas heater in comparison to an open-flued gas heater.  
  • Avoid using the unflued gas heater because the heater can spread toxic gas which may cause serious health problems.
  • Make sure that the patio heater is stable and you use them outdoors only, not indoors.
  • Avoid using store solvent, aerosols, or pressure pack cans near a gas heater. It might be possible that after the Residential Duct Cleaning heater is turned off, the pilot light might still be on.
  • Avoid disposing of tissues, cotton buds, or other things in a gas fire. This may produce dangerous and serious pollutants.


After Gas Ducted Heater Replacement there are still important things you need to do. Make sure that the gas furnace continues to operate efficiently and gets regular tune-ups. This will help you in saving your money and extend the lifespan of the unit. Regularly call the technician who performs maintenance. You need to inspect, clean, and change air filters and also check gas connections, gas pressure, and heat exchanger. Replacement makes your home better and more comfortable and also reduces your heating costs. If you don’t know about gas heaters then call experts for replacement instead of doing it yourself.