Don’t Overlook These 5 Symptoms of a Bad Exhaust System

Still ignoring that funny noise your car keeps making? Trying to figure out where the obnoxious smell in your car is coming from? Wondering what happened to the smooth ride you picked up from the dealership a few years back? Yea, we’ve all been there; staring down our car’s bonnet trying to figure out what went wrong.  But here’s the deal, it’s not always your cars engine that needs a tune up from time to time.

Most times, an old or used car displays exhaust system problems. Although it’s not as common as you think it is, your car’s exhaust system still deserves a proper look from a verified 4×4 specialist in Melbourne. But how can you tell whether its your engine or your exhaust to blame?

Let us help.

If you visit any 4×4 suspension specialists in Melbourne, they’ll tell you about the 5 symptoms that any layman can use to spot a bad exhaust system.

Symptoms To Watch Out For

Bad Smell

Your exhaust system usually deals with a lot of poisonous gases like carbon monoxide. One of the first and foremost telltale signs of a bad exhaust system is the stench inside your car.

Hissing Sound or Noisy Engine

A gas leak from the exhaust tubes or a fracture in the exhaust pipe can often lead to unpleasant noises like a hissing sound or a loud engine noise every time you start up your car.

Suspended Exhaust Pipes

Often visible signs like a suspended exhaust pipe can be enough to draw conclusions. This is often accompanied by a metallic rattling noise coming from the underneath of your car, signifying some part of the exhaust system has come undone. We recommend taking the car to our 4×4 suspension specialists right away.

Lowering Mileage Productivity

If you’re suddenly facing mileage issues on your car or questioning the performance capabilities of your vehicle, we suggest taking exhaust system malfunctioning into consideration.


Since exhaust systems often undergoes a lot of cooling and heating, formation of rust on an unattended exhaust system is a common issue. Corrosion can be prevented by maintaining and cleaning your exhaust systems.

If you’re facing any of these symptoms, don’t wait around for the worst. Get your 4wd repair done right away from trusted auto mechanics in Melbourne.