Don’t Let Volleyball Knee Pads Let You Down

If you’ve ever played volleyball, then you know how painful and disruptive knee injuries can be. From sprains to fractures to tears, common volleyball injuries can leave you unable to play or even walk without pain. To prevent these kinds of injuries from keeping you off the court, make sure your volleyball knee pads are the best quality possible. Here’s how to tell if your knee pads need replacing, and what to do when they do!

Choosing the right volleyball knee pads

Finding the right volleyball knee pads can make a big difference in your game. With so many different brands and styles to choose from, it can be hard to know which is best for you. It’s important to find volleyball knee pads that offer the right amount of protection, flexibility and stability. The two most common types are traditional straps and lace-up style. Traditional straps are great if you want to adjust them during the match. Lace-up style allows more movement but they’re harder to adjust midgame. It’s important to try on a variety of knee pads before buying them so you get the perfect fit and feel for your game!

How to break in new volleyball knee pads

The best way to break in your new volleyball knee pads is to take them off the packaging, put them on and start playing. I know it might seem a little weird at first but they will mold around your legs better if you break them in quickly. On the other hand, you can always tape the ends of the volleyball posts down to wear them around in your house or yard for a few days before trying them out for real. But after reading these tips about how to break in your new volleyball knee pads, try one or both of these suggestions out and let us know which one works better!

The importance of proper fitting

If you are participating in a sport like volleyball, it is important to have the proper gear. This includes the right footwear and the correct size of knee pads. Wearing volleyball posts that are too big will lead to them slipping down your leg which leaves you vulnerable to injury. If they are too small, they could be uncomfortable or cause chaffing which can also lead to injury.

When to replace your volleyball knee pads

One of the most important pieces of volleyball equipment is a good pair of volleyball knee pads. And if you’re like me, you don’t want to be scrambling for a replacement when your knee pads wear out. So, how do you know when it’s time to retire your volleyball knee pads? Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind while playing. 

We’ll start with the obvious – it’s time to replace your knee pads if they are ripped, worn out or too small for you. It’s also time to replace them if they start causing pain and discomfort during play. If you notice that you aren’t able to bend your knees as much as usual or feel like there is too much pressure on your kneecaps, then it may be time for new knee pads.

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