Don’t Know Your MasterCard Eligibility? Your Application May Get Rejected

A MasterCard does bring fun and excitement among the patrons by raising their purchasing power. Loaded with discounts, cashback, travel privileges and other conveniences, one keeps applying for credit cards both online and offline. Despite numerous applications reaching the lenders’ desk, only a couple of getting an approval, leaving many prospective cardholders disappointed. It happens thanks to ignorance among such customers regarding MasterCard eligibility. And so, they omitted on lucrative MasterCard offers. The eligibility differs from bank to card, card-to-card. So before applying, it might be better to see the eligibility for credit cards so on get a hassle-free approval for an equivalent. Let’s check the eligibility of some credit cards, which you’ll have the interest to use for, during this article.


Eligibility for MasterCard in SBI


State Bank of India (SBI), the most important lender in India, stipulates a couple of eligibility criteria to approve your MasterCard application. Wanna know those? Take a glance below.


  • An Indian national with an age of a minimum of 18 years is eligible to use for a MasterCard
  • The credit scores must be 700-750 and above.


Eligibility for MasterCard in HDFC Bank


After SBI, the main target shifts to HDFC Bank which arguably is that the leader within the private banking space. Like SBI, it’s also kept a couple of eligibility criteria for the individuals to satisfy.


  • Both salaried and self-employed can apply for HDFC MasterCard
  • The minimum and maximum age required are 21 years and 60 years, respectively
  • While a salaried must have a minimum annual income of ₹1.5 lakh, self-employed must earn a minimum of ₹2 lakh a year
  • Credit scores should be 750 and more


Axis Bank MasterCard Eligibility


Axis Bank also offers a good range of credit cards to satisfy the requirements of shoppers across the country. Just tick the subsequent eligibility criteria for Axis Bank Credit Cards.

  • Both resident and non-resident Indians (NRIs) can apply for a MasterCard
  • One must have a minimum and maximum age of 18 and 70 years with a robust credit history


Switch on MasterCard Eligibility Calculator to see Your Worthiness


The eligibility for a MasterCard would depend upon several factors like income, age, credit history, among others. Let’s discuss each of the factors below.


Income – Lenders do mean a minimum income to possess to realize approval for a MasterCard. albeit you’ll be earning the minimum income as stipulated, you want to avoid the large temptation that credit cards bring back the patrons. The cards help buy everything and therein lure, many spend way beyond their capacity to pay the bills that arise afterwards.


Age – Don’t take the age factor lightly because it is often a reason for the lenders to reject your application. Normally, banks stipulate a minimum age of 18-21 years for a card application. the utmost age, on the opposite hand, is often anywhere between 65-70 years.


Credit Score – it’s one among the most important factors which will influence a lender to simply accept or reject your application. The credit scores remain on the upper side once you service the debt without a default. and therefore the scores go down once you keep defaulting on the payment of loan EMIs or card bills. So if you’ve got any running loan, confirm to pay the EMIs on time to urge the credit score to move upwards.


How to Make MasterCard Bill Payment?


If you meet the MasterCard eligibility criteria, you’ll get the cardboard and buy your favourite stuff anytime, anywhere. What comes next then? The bill payment, right? The importance of timely payment is explained above. you’ll pay the bills via any of the web and offline modes. However, the previous holds a foothold over the latter in terms of pace and convenience. Online payment is often done through net banking, mobile banking, payment gateway, etc. On the opposite side, offline modes include paying at the bank branch via cash or cheque. The cash payment, however, can cause some changes.


Make sure to tick all the boxes of eligibility to realize a hassle-free approval to your card application. The bad habits of default in a loan or card repayment can put you on sticky ground. So avoid them and luxuriate in a solid MasterCard journey.