Done Right Home Remodeling Experts in San Jose, CA, is Setting New Standards in Bespoke Bathroom Remodeling

In the area of custom bathroom remodeling in San Jose, CA, Done Right Home Remodeling company has now become a household name across the region.



Last week, at the company’s regional headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, the Done Right Home Remodeling team was celebrating something unique. It was a party for successfully executing the biggest ‘single owner’ ADU construction & bathroom remodeling project. It was well worth over 300,000 USD. The unique thing about this particular bathroom renovation San Jose project was the strict deadline and time-limit within which the entire remodeling activity had to be completed. The company was solely awarded this project on this particular condition that it would be able to accomplish the task in this window of time. And, this was the exact cause of celebration at the company premises which was attended by the management team, as well as the operational workforce. We came to know about this from a trusted insider source who spoke on the condition of anonymity that the entire bathroom remodeling activity was carried out by using the latest CAD & 3D design technology. If sources are to be believed, the house belonged to one of the topmost investment bankers in San Diego, CA, who is associated with a leading CA firm.

The present CEO of Done Right Home Remodeling spoke at length, the use of advanced home renovation technology in building smart bathrooms, kitchens & ADUs. He was speaking at an august gathering of the company’s shareholders, select clients, and local media persons. The CEO highlighted how this single project of bathroom remodeling in San Jose, CA, brought about a new hope in the minds of space-crunched homes in this region. The said project was a perfect example of the transformation of a bland and cramped refreshment area into a glittering, spacious, and swanky new bath space. He said how 3D technology helped them carve out new space with precise and clinical measurements. Apart from, installation of modern bath fittings & accessories. The CEO mentioned that in the future, all home renovation activities would take place, keeping in mind the needs of stylish contemporary homes. As this particular project was completed in a matter of 15 days, the client awarded another big home renovation activity for one of his old mansions in the countryside.

Indeed, this was something big to celebrate. The company headquarters of Done Right Home Remodeling was abuzz with activities, after hearing this news. As per our sources, the Managing Director and the Founder of the company told its employees to be ready for much bigger projects in the future. He said that it would not just be limited to bathroom remodeling in San Jose, CA, but extend to further domains. Such as double ADU construction, new home addition, backyard services and old garage conversion. He also exerted the need to be more professional in approach while dealing with high-profile home remodeling projects of top-notch clients in northern California. There is no scope for errors. As more and more ‘big ticket’ clients are showing their trust for this particular home renovation company in San Jose, CA, the company management is gearing up accordingly. This is something really commendable when it comes to judging the professionalism of a locally based company.


About the Company

Done Right Home Remodeling is one of the leading home renovators in California. It specializes in ADU construction, kitchen & bathroom remodeling, garage conversion, home addition, backyard services, and a host of other activities. It has credible expertise in extensive home remodeling in northern CA.