DOMS – Causes and 4 Easy Ways To Prevent It

After being motivated with an inspirational video, you have finally taken steps on exercising regularly. Exercise is a good source of keeping your body in an active mood. It helps in carbing out your fats and your internal depressed thoughts. Yes! Exercise has also helped people in dealing with their stress and anxiety. Now that you are on a full go, you must be encountering with a new phrase of your life and that is the increased pain which is followed by a couple of exercises. 

When you start working out, you may not feel anything in your first few days but as the days will surpass, you will then have the “cry of pain”. The most painful moment is when you wake up with full body aches. A lot of people take it as if they have done an incredible job in reducing weight as they start to have pain (which means they are doing great). Such a condition is called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). When you challenge your body in a new way, your body gets in full rebuild process which pushes the muscles to become stronger from the previous days. As you continue adapting to this new routine, you will find that DOMS  have slowly started to give you less pain. 

DOMS can be reduced if you prefer warming up your body before doing workouts. Make sure you are increasing the intensity slowly and not vigorously. 

What cause you DOMS? 

When you start a new fitness  regime or anything that your body needs to work out a lot, you will then suffer from DOMS. when you do intensive workouts, your muscle fibre tends to break and then reform again. This microscopic damages result in stiffness in your body which is why you cry in pain after physical exercises. 

DOMS  is only meant to give you temporary pain. If you are having pain, in exercise dictionary it means, you are getting stronger and more fit. Your body will need some time to adjust to the new routine and thus you will have body aches for some days. Once your body adapts this new change, you will have less pain because you will have less damage to the microscopic muscle fibres. 

Prevention and treatment of DOMS 

No one likes to be in pain, especially when you start your life in a new motivational way. One of the best ways to reduce pain is to get the full awareness on how you can start your training in order to avoid the risk of any severe muscle injuries. 

There is no proven science behind this but you can prevent DOMS by slowly adapting to the change. The slower you proceed, the healthier your body will be! Make sure you warm up your body before exercising and also stretch a bit after you are done to prevent any muscle damage. 

Common treatment for DOMS 

You will find tons of solutions for curing DOMS but not everything will work. However, there are some common DOMS treatment methods that will definitely work no matter what types of exercise you do. 

Wearing compressed clothes 

When you start to work out, your muscles expands which results in giving inflammation. This inflammation is caused by the extra fluid and white blood cells that runs quickly to that area. That’s why, you will experience soreness in your muscles after having intensive workouts. Those who have been wearing compression clothing during their exercises haven’t seen much inflammation as compared to those who haven’t. Compression clothing also helps in increasing the blood flow to your muscles which also reduces the formation of creatine kinase. This is that chemical compound in your body which actually causes soreness. 

Massaging and foam rolling 

During your intensive workout, your muscles repair from each break and thus you may find that your muscle elasticity has been reduced. This will cause you to have sore and stiffness in your body. In order to avoid all these, you can go for massaging or foam rolling which can minimise the stiffness and helps in alleviating the strength for the next session. 

Using pain relief balms 

Some pain relief balms can help in reducing pain. Just look out for the ingredient of menthol. It has the calcium ion that has the capacity to inhibit the temperature of your brain which will minimise the pain to an extent. 

Cold/hot showers

Hot baths help in expanding your blood vessels which will ultimately help in filling up of more blood while cold baths constrict blood vessels. Cold baths forces the blood to move to some other parts of the body. Now if you bath by mixing both hot and cold water, it will flush the nutrients more effectively which actually speeds up the recovery process. 

Before you actually start with your daily workout regime, you must have a full body checkup process in order to have a full idea about how your body is working. Health Screening Clinic UK offers health check up that give the body a full MOT. For more information please check.  

Conclusion, DOMS is a natural way of letting you know that your muscles have been onto work now which has been stopped for so many years. It’s easy to cure DOMS but nothing will help in eradicating it completely. Pain is a part of workout and you have to endure it in order to be fit.