Should you register your global business name in .co?

Among the various prevailing domain extensions, it becomes tricky and thought provoking process as to which domain name will go aptly with one’s business. The traditionally accepted .com domain has always taken more benefit and credibility in terms of incorporating it in the domain names, whether it be for one’s business or personal website. But lately, with release of a variety of top level domain (TLD), scope of naming a domain have widened enough.  

One such highly recognized and implemented domain is the dot co (.co) and no it’s not a short form of .com rather it was incorporated as top level domain for Colombia, which now have been made as a generic country code (gcc) extension. It is being employed as a second level domain by various countries as it gives a benefit of being more contemporary and unique. With just a combination of two letters, it definitely attracts user’s attention.

Benefits of .co domain

There has been always a discussion about which domain extensions are beneficial from the SEO point of view and for driving maximum traffic. Though in the light of search engine optimization, all extensions are placed on somewhat same scale, albeit, a well-crafted domain name for your business will give you a higher edge but don’t overlook the fact that it’s ultimately the website’s quality and content you are offering to your audience that matters the most.

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Nowadays, companies and organizations are quiet inquisitive about registering their global business name in the .co domain. It has gained wide popularity since 2010 and is looked upon because of various factors it offers. Few of them are listed below:

  • Appealing

.co domains convey its weightage in just two letters. Not only it’s unique in its own way but has a professional appeal too. Global businesses take advantage of this extension to uplift their domain name value. 

  • Availability

Because of high demand of .com domains, users are finding it mostly unavailable, leaving them with no choice except negotiating with the owners who have simply bought and parked these domains for no use. Least they are aware that .co is the best alternative they can look upon. Not only it is comparatively available but gives you the choice of your desired domain name combination.  Though it’s a bit costly but it’s worth it.

  • Concise

With the length of just two characters, .co makes it well suitable to be included in the domain name thus aiming towards two targets. First highlighting your entity as a corporate or company and second attracting the benefit of a search engine optimization.

  • Relevance

Those interested in registering their global business with .co gets to uplift their entity as a company, organization or a business, making their identity more relevant. Moreover your domain are well optimized with the inclusion of .co.  

  • makes the URL pretty difficult to type and remember whereas says it all with an easy to comprehend domain name.
  • The .co domain is at par with industrial technology and improvised security mechanisms.

.co at a global level

Since its launch, .co has made a powerful impact in the global internet market. Many renowned and establish businesses paid a sound amount for availing this short and impressive domain extension. Moreover, appending .co with appropriate country code TLDs makes your URL a perfect catch for the audience. clearly indicates a web hosting company that’s UK based. Hence businesses with little larger domain name have the margin and merit of incorporating this short extension thereby giving you more space for building an effective domain name.

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Final Advice

For achieving the global presence for your business or company, .co stands as an ideal option. But since it’s extensively adopted by many businesses or individuals worldwide, its demand has raised manifold.

After having laid down .co extension’s significance and value, website owners who are serious enough to go for this domain extension must make that urgent and necessary move in order to establish and make their business attain that global recognition. Go in for a live chat at seekahost for any of your further queries, their experts will guide you through the .CO way. 

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