Does your Satellite Ground Segment Include Remote Stations?

The world is experiencing a sudden surge in Low Earth Orbit satellite constellations. As such, the need for ground stations all around the world is greatly increasing. The logistics can be a nightmare: getting spares and replacements and even qualified maintenance personnel for your sensitive electronic equipment to and from hard-to-reach locations. Often the stations are in austere and challenging environments with poor electric infrastructure or the need for backup generators. Generators can take up to 15 minutes to stabilize their power, and varying load conditions can almost guarantee that there will be “dirty power”. Power outages, transitions, spikes, surges, brown-outs, and deviations in frequency and voltage will significantly reduce the life span of your sensitive electronic equipment. When planning your ground station design, the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) stated by the manufacturers of said equipment is usually referring to operations in nominal and unchallenged environments. Therefore, to protect your investment, it is advisable to maintain optimal resilience to keep the total ownership costs of your ground segment to a minimum.


Incorporating reliable rugged clean power will pay several times over the investment of placing these devices into your architecture at these remote locations. Environmental ruggedization isn’t the only point of distinction for NOVA Power Solutions, however. Power conditioning is key:


Unpredictable electric power sources can be akin to living with a high blood pressure condition. The consequences may not be felt until there is a catastrophic failure. Sources that don’t produce a clean power sine wave with a stable amplitude and frequency, which your SATCOM equipment was built to expect, will put undue stress and strain on your equipment, causing it to have premature anomalies. The repercussions can be the need for more spares or on-site inventories, expensive trips to and from the remote facilities and customs and duty nightmares during shipping. You can alleviate all this and save yourself the headache and expense by incorporating the proper power conditioning devices into your ground segment architecture.


When a provider claims to offer power protection, there is a big difference between a system that is always on and one that kicks in after experiencing an anomaly, no matter how soon said system reestablishes power, even if it is for a fraction of a second. Such a gap can generate a damaging transient spike in current to the sensitive electronics in your station. On the other hand, NOVA Power Solutions devices are always pro-actively on, providing constant / continuous stable power to your critical systems due to: Dual Power Conversion Technology.


NOVA Power Solutions offers isolation between loads so the activation of systems which draw sudden high amperage, such as High Power Amplifiers or step drive motors from tracking antennas, will not affect adjacent systems, thereby improving overall performance, increasing the lifetime of your devices and reducing the total cost of ownership of your satellite ground station for care-free remote operations.

Below is an example of frequency shift tests, and more tests can be found here.

NOVA Power Solutions was founded in 1988. We provide power conditioning and battery backup solutions for Military, Commercial, Maritime, Port Authority, Oil and Gas, Mining, SatCom, Rail Transit, Industrial, Remote applications and Specialty Vehicles.


Our systems include:

  • Shipboard, Rackmount Uninterruptible Power Conditioners
  • Field-deployable Rugged and Industrial-Grade Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) and Inverters
  • Alternative Wind and Solar power solutions
  • Secure SNMP or SSH remote monitoring and operation


All of our products are tailor-made for the world’s harshest environments and meet some of the toughest standards for Shock, Vibration, Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) and more.


For more information about cost-effective high-reliability power conditioning and battery backup systems, contact:

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