Does Yoga Help In Reducing Weight?

One of the major concerns that everyone is pondering about these days is their weight. Some feel they are disproportionate- one part of their bodies not going with the other, some feel they are overweight and fear health issues coming up their way, and others feel they’re too chubby.

Not being able to fit in your dream attire is no less than a heartbreak – trust me when I say, “It hurts more than a breakup.” From dieting to power yoga – I’m sure you have thought about these options, and some of you are already on it. But, the real question is, are any of these even effective? Even if they are, what are the things that should be done in addition to amplify the process and beautify the results? 

Well, say no more, I got the question answered for you!

These yoga tips and your dedication can turn into a magical blend helping you in weight reduction.

The Ancient Indian texts have never failed us. Be it Ayurveda or Yoga-these medical arts are a miracle in themselves.

The Upanishads have an algorithm that can be called an elixir to emulsify human health. There is a Five-Step Rule:

  1. Yoga Exercise
  2. Diet
  3. Breathing
  4. Relaxation
  5. Meditation 

Now, I’m going to tell you about weight-reducing yoga and diets to follow to get the most out of your Yoga Practice. So let’s get started! 

Yoga For Weight Loss:

Though Yoga is basically for wellness, some practices tend to burn more calories than others. Many studies have found Yoga to be extraordinarily beneficial for stress control, weight loss, mindfulness, and healthy life. Some of the Yogasanas that work wondrously for weight loss are: 

  1. Surya namaskar: A blend of 12 yoga poses, Surya namaskar, is the best active Yoga to opt for weight loss.
  2. Virabhadrasana – Warrior pose
  3. Warrior two
  4. Sarvangasana – Shoulder stand
  5. Chaturangadandasana – Plank pose           

Other than weight loss, these asanas are also proven effective in toning muscles and strengthening metabolism. Intense and active yoga style helps in stopping weight gain by burning calories and eventually helps in reducing weight. 

“Satvik” Food For Weight Loss:

Try to go Veg. Meats are difficult to digest and take time. Mostly, bloating is due to improper digestion of food. Here are some vegetarian diet options.

  1. Take warm water with lemon and salt at least once a day.
  2. Try including buttermilk in your lunch.
  3. Say no to sugars – chips, preserved food, sweets, etc. Control your cravings as these foods tend to increase restlessness and weight.
  4. Eat leafy greens and fruits. Try to have the ones that are organically produced.
  5. Have a combination of nuts every day.
  6. Popcorn is a tasty and healthy snack to add to your diet. Make sure they’re plain- no butter or cheese.
  7. Switch to whole grains. Have a properly balanced diet.
  8. Avoid overeating at night. 

Thoughtful eating can do wonders when it comes to health as well as weight loss. Analyzing your daily requirements and regulating food intake according is an essential step to be taken along with plyo lunges and other weight loss practices.

A vegetarian balanced diet is proven to improve metabolism, which in turn uplifts mood and increases human wellness.

healthy life
healthy life

The Best Yoga Styles to Opt for Weight Loss are:

  1. Ashtanga
  2. Power Yoga
  3. Hot Yoga

Ashtanga is a highly vigorous yoga type. One needs to be extensively dedicated to Yog if opting for Ashtanga.

Power yoga is the most popular yoga style right now. Its widely being opted for in gyms.

Hot Yoga is done in a hot room and assures you that you’ll be sweating buckets due to the set of asanas it has. 

Now, when it comes to opting for any set of practices for achieving any goal you set for yourself, there are things more than just setting up a diet chart and a workout regime.

The first and foremost step is setting up your mind. You need to be firmly dedicated to your goal and be determined to achieve it. Wonders don’t happen overnight- they need time, patience, and a lot of hard work.

This doesn’t mean you need to go directly to level 100 on day 1. Take small steps. Try out one asana at a time when you get comfortable with it, add another to your asana regime. Continue this process until all the asanas of your workout regime are included in your daily exercise.

Another Pro-Tip from the Yogis is to eat slow- chew every single bite at least 32 times before you swallow. This reduces the work your intestine has to do for digestion and thus reduces bloating.

So keep calm and practice yoga, Health benefits.