Does Video Marketing hit a home run and why?

If you’re trying to find a quick answer then the answer is YES. The questions you should be asking are how they work and how to attain a successful video that achieves objectives. It’s no secret that videos psychologically stimulate us over images or words. Here are some eye-opening stats:

  • 40% of consumers find new brands to follow online supported recommendations from friends and family.
  • 91% of shoppers are reading online reviews before making purchases.
  • 82% of Brits gather referrals and suggestions from family and friends before making any purchase.

Types of Video and Goals

Demo Videos

Objective: Showcase a product

Show off your product or service to potential customers encouraging them to buy. Showing your customers what they’ll expect and permit them to imagine using the merchandise or service.

Event Videos

Objective: Create memories

Event videos serve the same function to lifestyle photography therein they represent your brand in relatable situations. Allow your customers to manifest being at your event or remember being there.

Educational / How to Videos

Objective: Reduce customer service time

Education diminishes barriers between consumers and therefore adds value. Your business can reduce customer service time and costs as a result.

Animated Videos

Objective: Show your brand spirit

Animation videos are relatable for broad demographics and niche demographics, depending on how you use them. Showing your audience the spirit of your brand with a fun and fascinating animation strengthens your proposition and brand. It also can be cross referenced to simplify educational, expert or brand videos.

Brand Videos

Objective: Strengthen your brand

A brand video could be powerful, thanks to reach and interaction with your audience. Letting them know who you’re and the way you’ll be of service to them. Great for acquisition, engagement and awareness.

Expert Interviews

Objective: Provide insight

Expert interviews are a robust marketing tool because your customers will be influenced by those they perceive as knowledgeable. Creating an expert interview that favourably frames your product or service will improve your conversion rate.

Explainer Videos

Objective: Pitch to your customers

Explainer videos provide a wonderful opportunity to attach your brand together with your audience and help them understand why you’re their most suitable option. There’s an explainer video agency in Northampton who can help with this.

Case study/testimonial

Objective: keep a copy your packaging

Customers are measurably more likely to shop for something if they know that others have bought it and gained value. keep a copy of your sales proposition by proving that other customers have benefitted.

As for the core question – is it a home run?

To answer this question we must consider the directions consumers are going. TikToks incredible usage rate is powerful evidence that your customers prefer video as a type of entertainment. the simplest marketing strategies don’t appear to be marketing to your customers, they entertain them. Follow your video objectives and magnificence with entertainment in mind.

Good luck!


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.